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    Hanso SharpEye

    He didn't answer my question... Hanso put the thought aside for now and stepped over to grab ahold of Adam before they teleported away. Unfortunately, the Alakazam wasn't able to get them as close to the Generals as was necessary. After resting for another moment, Hanso ran after Zane and Penance, mentally searching the army for the Generals' minds. It was slow work, after his earlier effort and while running, so the mental search didn't help before they had found Belas.

    Hanso caught up with the other two in time to hear the last bit of Belas' response. "--unless one of you has a better idea, GET OUT OF THE WAY!”

    That was when Penance seemed to snap again, after throwing a Water Pulse at Belas. "I think we asked you to stop. And now 'General' you will stop and listen. I don't care about your f**king need to go and stop what is happening, cause frankly my people are already on it and can do it a hundred times better than you. Now step down, or matters will have to be taken. Much... harsher methods."

    What's happened to you, Penance? He kept this thought to himself, but Hanso wasn't sure anymore if any shred of Defender was left in the Golduck. And the fact that General Belas was willing to attack Cape City despite the impending casualties, and had to be stopped almost forcefully... Do the Generals really care about civilians, anymore? ...Does the Gold Tribe?

    It helped that he could keep his face mostly blank of emotions. Hanso was aware that his impression of the Gold Tribe in general was slowly crumbling away to reveal something else that could potentially be as bad as the Silver Tribe in some ways. Really, part of what kept it from dissolving altogether was what Hanso knew of Zane and the others, and the knowledge that the Silver Tribe, under the rule of Auron and his Sentinels, was worse than the Gold Tribe had been in any case.

    In any case, they needed to get moving. Hanso followed Penance and Zane back to Adam and took a seat himself. It was then that he remembered the pack he'd been carrying since leaving the Madman's Lair. Pulling it off his back, Hanso opened it and pulled out a few berries, eating them for a quick boost of energy. He needed to be able to 'port the others soon.

    "Zane... just port back in there, you'll be needed. That girl Paladin was trying to find, he found her and she's pretty weak. Poisoned and such. Go and find some berries and port over to him. Hanso should connect with him. Also, don't mind those explosions at... the bunkers? Hehe, not bad timing!" Penance nodded, "Get going Zane, and we can direct the others for you all to meet up. Just be careful, it's chaos in there!"

    After grabbing a Pecha Berry and two Orans, Hanso put his pack back on and reached out with his mind to Cape City. Paladin...the Golurk from earlier. The name rung a faint bell, reaching back to names of Gold Tribe members he'd heard, but that was for another time. A few seconds later or a few minutes, it didn't matter too much, but Hanso found Paladin's mind after searching the city. "There you are. Fellow Gold Tribe, before you block me off. Berries here for the poisoned, send me an image of where you are now."