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Kaylor Desani
Jubilife City -> Edge of Eterna Forest

There was not going to be any sleep for Kaylor that night. The screams of the last human arena “contender” were still echoing in her head -- except the man’s voice had been replaced with the voice of her father. Kaylor shuddered as she slunk through an alley between houses and tried to make her way from the city without being noticed. A small shadow followed inaudibly in her wake, canine in shape but with the agile silent movements of a cat. She made it out onto route 204 without being stopped, so she could only assume that she hadn’t been seen... but the tiny hairs on the back of her neck stood on end as she took one last look on Jubilife City. There wasn’t anyone there, or they were so well hidden by the black, starless night, that she couldn’t see them... and if she couldn’t see anyone, she doubted if there was anyone there that they could see her. Her mind was playing tricks on her and she mentally scolded herself. Besides, there was nothing in the dark that Jasper couldn’t protect her from, or so she told herself. The unevolved pokemon might have been small, but he was strong and vicious when needed... and sometimes when not needed but when it suited him.

The road was no longer well maintained and the shoes she had chosen did not make the best walking attire over rough terrain. Her feet grew sore before she had even reached the Valley Windworks. ‘This would be so much easier if I had a pokemon that could Fly,’ the girl thought bitterly. The canine pokemon at her side growled indignantly, making Kaylor roll her eyes. “I’m not saying I would replace you, I’m just saying it would be convenient,” she grumbled to the pokemon, wondering when it was that she had started needing to defend her thoughts.

Kaylor wasn’t running away from Jubilife City per se, she was seeing what else was out there. She had left most of her belongings and her portion of the monthly dues with the wealthy upper class girl she had found to rent a condominium with. When she had left home there seemed to be only one place to go but not that she had arrived there she was having second thoughts. It was obvious that if she wanted to use strength as her ultimate goal that Jubilife City was the place to be to better herself, but she was not convinced with their methods and even feared the more powerful people she had seen there from afar. Snowpoint City had gone unnoticed by her initially, swept under her radar by her arrogance and need to be free from her inferior parents. But she had heard about the desolate city from people in Jubilife -- however her informants sharing the information with her held nothing but disdain for Snowpoint. It was the only other city that was considered aligned with the Pure-Hearted but it apparently also had a few human inhabitants. The girl thought perhaps the ideals of this place would be more in-line with her own ethics, which weren’t the most noble, but at least they didn’t involve slaughtering humans...

She managed to make it to the edge of Eterna Forest before she couldn’t walk any longer. Sitting down with her back leaned up against a large tree, her legs bent and tucked under her dark skirt. She closed her eyes and sighed with relief of the weight off her feet. “I’m just going to close my eyes for a few minutes, Jasper... keep watch, okay?” she told the pokemon, not that she needed to. His senses were as sharp as could be, even if he took a nap with her the slightest sound would be detected and rouse him.

Let the storm rage on....
The cold never bothered me anyway.


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