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    Wilson Mayes
    Veilstone City

    Wilson wandered around the streets just as a normal bystander to all. Nobody really knew who he was. Some knew his name, but that was really all they knew. He walked around what seemed to be alone, but he was followed at all time. While he walked down the street he heard the alarm go off. Knowing that meant trouble Wil ran inside to the nearest building with others following. As they all hid the alarm continued going off. He then heard a loud noise with a scream coming with it. Curious of what it could be Wil looks out the window to see some hooded figure walking down the street. Really unable to see their facial features Wil continued watching trying to see who this hooded person was. As Wilson kept watching he saw Xaiver come out of his building. Wil got extremely confused by this as Xaiver is exposing himself to real danger. Wilson kept watching as he saw Xaiver's lips moving, but couldn't make out the words. He them saw the hooded figure raise their hand which brought down a Hydreigon. Wilson was stunned from the fact this person was a pure-hearted. As Wilson continued watching he saw Xaiver talk some more then the hooded figure dropped his hand, unleashing an extremely powerful attack on Xaiver. Wil's eyes lit up wondering if the day had actually come as the hooded figure walked away. Wil's eyes stayed glued on Xaiver with the dust final clearing up only seeing Xaiver still standing there with Lisa. All Wilson thought was of course she saves him. The hooded figure turned back as he noticed Xavier was still alive. He then left moments later as they opened the gate letting him go. Wilson just sat there stunned as usually Xaiver doesn't just let people go. Wilson then thought that it was a perfect time. Maybe he could catch up to this hooded figure.
    As the alarm went off Wil along with everybody else came out. Wil knew this was his only chance to get out of here. Wilson ran back to where his stuff was to grab it. He then ran to the southern gate where he began talking to the guard.
    "Hey can you open the gate I'm going to go out for a bit. I should be back in a day." Wilson says.
    "are you sure that guy could be near still." says the guard.
    "Yeah I'm fine." Wilson says.
    "Suit yourself." the guard says as he opens the gate.
    The gate opens with Wil leaving. As Wilson begins to get distance from the city a Gengar appeared out of thin air. Wil told the Gengar,
    "It's time we leave that god forsaken place. I think we have found someone who can help too." Wil says.
    "Are you sure he didn't look very friendly I mean he tried blasting his way through the city." Felix says.
    "Yeah he is pure hearted so how bad could he really be." Wil says.
    "Well alright, but if he goes rouge ain't much I can do Hydreigon is a dark type and I'm almost useless against that." Felix says.
    Wil and Felix begin walking on trying to catch up to this guy. While they're walking Wil spots something in the far. Wil then begins sprinting up as once he gets closer he sees it is the guy from Veilstone City. As he closed in on him the man turned around making eye contact with Wil.
    "Uhm hello." Wil says nervously.
    The man just stands there staring at him.
    "I'm pure-hearted like you." Wil says.
    The man still stands there glaring at me.
    “Listen I don't want any trouble I just saw you in Veilstone, and noticed you’re pretty strong. So I was wondering if I could come along with you?" asks Wil.
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