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    Episode 13: Return of the Goddess

    [BGM: Run For It!]

    "Goblins..." Dawn gasped when she saw the guards' true form.

    "A common demonic humanoid monster often seen protecting other monsters--including demons." Ash explained as one goblin ran at him with a knife, only to be blocked by Ash's blade.

    "You all have bigger Magikarp to fry--your familiar and I will dispatch these two!" Kissa called as she leapt before the goblin that had tried to attack Ash and slashed it in the stomach with her claws. Pikachu followed up with a Thunderbolt on the other goblin, knocking both backwards.

    "But..." Ash protested.

    "Trust me, Kissa can handle herself just fine in battle." Brock assured Ash. "Right now we should focus on finding Melis and freeing Sindura from her hand."

    "Enduring light, shield from roaring magic! Lux!" Anima commanded, making white auras form around Pikachu and Kissa as the group raced rom the room and into a stairwell. me... a young female voice pleaded as the group hurried up the stairwell.

    "Did you hear something?" Dawn asked as she looked around for who could have issued the plea.

    [BGM: A Peaceful Hope]

    "Look here..." Anima drew a square shape into the rocks, revealing a crying Gardevoir inside the wall.

    "Were you the one that sent out that telepathic message before?" Ash asked.

    Yes... the Gardevoir replied in between sobs. Do not harm me, I beg of you!

    "It's okay..." Brock assured the Gardevoir. "We are friends, and the true Goddess is here." he added, gesturing to Anima.

    The Gardevoir tensely hovered out and allowed Anima to heal the many dried blood spots that dotted its flowing dress-like body. I can sense that you are not with "Kadara", the disguise of Melis--she captured me and forced me to send out those messages in the guise of one of the clerics here. If I refused, I was beaten.

    "That explains why the first voice we heard in that message was male..." Dawn mused.

    "Gardevoirs and Gallades can tailor their telepathic messages to any gender and age of voice, regardless of their own gender." Brock explained before asking the Gardevoir "What's your name?"

    Elama... the Gardevoir hesitantly replied.

    "Master!" Kissa called as she bounded up to Brock's side with Pikachu on her back. "We've dispatched the goblins and secured the main prayer room."

    "Then all that's left is to find Melis." Anima replied as she healed both Pokemon.

    "Elama...can you sense Melis anywhere?" Ash asked.

    Elama focused for a moment before replying. Yes...I sense her dark presence on the roof of the building--if you expose her true form, she will not be able to teleport.

    "I will stay with Elama while you deal with Melis." Anima assured the group as she gave Elama a reassuring hug. "If you need us, just call."

    [cut BGM]

    [BGM: Out of the Ground, Raze all Greenery in Flame! (battle theme 1)]

    "Right!" Ash replied as he led the the charge upstairs to the temple roof, where Kadara was looking out over the city at the crowd that had gathered down below. "The game is up, Melis!" he growled. "You have nowhere to go now!"

    "Spirits of light, show me things hidden to the Mortal Realm! Wandering Eye!" Brock called before Kadara could react, enveloping her in a flash of white light and revealing a dull red skinned female humanoid clad in a long black robe, except for two slits in the back to accommodate a pair of large dragon-like wings.

    "People of Sindura! See now the princess of darkness that has deceived you!" Dawn called down to the crowd, making screams and gasps drift skyward as they saw what the minstrel's harp had revealed.

    "Why did you have to ruin my brilliant plan to welcome the Great Lord Kione to this world?" Melis complained. "Humans are so gullible, and will believe anything they are told!"

    "We didn't believe a word of your drabble, so don't call us gullible!" Ash shot back.

    "You insolent--" Melis grumbled before firing streaks of purple lightning at the group.

    Dawn, Brock, and the Pokemon dove out of the way of Melis' attack, but Ash rolled backwards and began charging a yellow ball of electric energy. "Swirling bolts, gather and strike with power! Thunder!" Both sets of bolts combined in a blue-white explosion that could be seen in the sky all across the city.

    "Silent light, shield from evil! Shell!" Dawn commanded, making pale pink auras appear around Ash, herself, the Pokemon and Brock.

    "Elama...if you can hear me...broadcast what is going on here to the whole city!" Ash whispered before sidestepping one of Melis' long, dagger-like claws.

    Understood Elama's reply resonated in Ash's head as he and Melis grappled with each other, claw against sword.

    After struggling for an hour against Ash, Melis spotted some of the angel statues lining the temple roof and began chanting something in the demon tongue.

    "Conjuror, seek truth in silence! Silent Song!" Brock commanded, playing a familiar rising and falling melody as the black-purple ball Melis was forming fizzled away to nothing. Melis gritted her teeth and began her incantation again, but nothing happened.

    [BGM: The Song of Light]

    "Thought you could desecrate this place even further by turning some of the guardians of this place to your side, did you?" Ash smirked. "Not today!"

    "Talk and I may consider restoring your magical power." Brock added. Melis ran and lunged at the minstrel, but soon found herself relaxed by the soothing yet spirited notes of the harp. "As long as Anima is here listening to my performance, you cannot harm me nor my friends."

    "Besides, we intend to expose your little masquerade right here, and right now." Ash added.

    "So what? Humans cannot distinguish magic from divine acts, and will blindly accept it as truth." Melis grumbled.

    "I can so distinguish magic and divine acts, and I know your 'miracles' are really magic twisted to your own selfish ends." Dawn replied. "So what did you have to gain from deceiving Sindura?"

    "I can get all the gold and gifts I want from them to give to my friend Vorekar." Melis replied. "You humans name him the Master of Greed."

    "So you did it for money?" Ash asked.

    "No...I wanted humans willing to die for the Great Dark Lord Kione." Melis explained. "I hoped they would find receiving power through dying attractive, so that they would not fear death."

    "So you wanted to use Sindura as the starting point to raise an undead army..." Brock deadpanned as he continued to play.

    "Yes...yes..." Melis replied with a devious smile. "In a year's time, that army of zombies and other beings of the dark would be invincible! And under Kione's leadership, they would tear this world apart!"

    [Cut BGM]

    [BGM: Guiding Light, Shed Magic Power From Above!-tide turns in heroes' favor]

    "You hear that?" Dawn announced to the crowd. "Melis planned to turn you all undead and use you all to destroy Yoso! Is that what you really want?" A resounding no went up in reply.

    Melis balked at this. " could they hear us?"

    "Forgive me for eavesdropping, Princess of Lies, but I heard the whole thing." Anima replied as she appeared on the roof with Elama. "And I will not allow what you have planned to pass!"

    "Bright light, shine down on bloody impurity! Holy!" Dawn commanded as she hurled a ball of light at Melis. The crowd gasped as Melis' last scream echoed across the city as she was engulfed in light, but when the explosion faded, she was gone.

    [Cut BGM]

    Ash sheathed his blade as Brock concluded his song. "Behold, the true Anima!" he called down to the crowd, gesturing to Anima as she flew down to the square below, where the crowd was.

    [BGM: Go with the Flow]

    "My Lady, I am so sorry for believing the Shironise Order's lies..." a man pleaded as he approached Anima.

    "Forgive us, Holy Queen, for we all have commited a great sin..." a woman agreed.

    "Everyone, please!" Anima giggled as Elama brought out the temple clerics. "Just by confessing that sin, you have been forgiven."

    The head cleric ran to Ash as Anima tended to the townsfolk. "Words cannot begin to describe how much I wish to thank you for exposing the Shironise Order." he began. "Much less how you rescued my dear Elama." he added as he hugged Elama.

    "We were called to help by the Lady Herself." Ash replied. "And so we did."

    "May you receive Her greatest blessings as you go on your way." the head cleric replied. "You are always welcome in Sindura as thanks for the great deed you did here."

    "Speaking of which, where do we go from here?" Kissa asked.

    Anima looked up from healing a boy for a moment. "There is one more person that will join you in the quest for the Beads..." she replied, revealing a gray-blue haired girl clad in a dark green tunic-like outfit.

    "So our next objective is one of the ninja villages?" Dawn asked.

    "Specifically, the earth village, Miyakawa." Anima replied before returning to the townsfolk.

    "I've never been there..." Ash noted as he motioned for the others to follow him to the city gates.

    "I have performed for both the previous hokage and his son, the current hokage." Brock explained. "While generally, the ninjas keep to themselves, they are very appriciative of visitors from the outside world."

    "Bye, Anima!" Ash waved goodbye to Anima as the group started down the path leading out of Sindura. "Thank you for everything!"

    "You're most welcome, Sir Ash--I and the other gods will be watching over you every step of the way." Anima replied as she too waved goodbye over the roar of the crowd.

    To Be Continued...
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