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    Ha! I have not seen this club yet, what a shame!
    I would love to join!

    Username: Galoria
    Your Pokemon: (Evoli)
    Partner Pokemon:(Choo)

    Current Topic:

    What is your theory as to why there isn't any humans in the PMD universe?

    There are many theory:
    First, I think that Pokémon or even humans was banned in a different universe to be safe from humans. Palkia and Dialga could do it to protect themself or something.
    Second, probably that because we live in a foreign area, where humans dare not tread. Pokémon that reside on the notion of human, so I do not think humans are non-existent in the world of PMD.
    Third, maybe all the Pokémon in PMD are humans. I mean that Generations have sustained. Early humans had turned into a Pokémon in this world and they continue to reproduce. To the notion of human loses little by little.
    Current Pokémon do not know that they are descendants of Pokémon-human. Who remembers it is those who embodied the body of a recently Pokémon. Hence why Pokémon remember that there are people somewhere because it is part of their concept in their DNA.

    If you could chose any area in the Mystery Dungeons world, where would you chose as your "home"?
    Fogbound Lake. This place is just beautiful and amazing.

    How would your initial reaction to being turned into a Pokemon be and how would you cope with the new world around you?
    Nice question! First I would be lost. My first reaction is to immerse myself in solitude, but loneliness does not really summarizes freedom. We need relationships, and Pokémon also want relationships. Without it there is not that social rank that makes the Pokémon live in harmony in a group.
    Without the man they live in perfect balance.

    What Pokemon did you chose as your Pokemon and partner Pokemon and why?
    Eevee for me, and Pikachu as partner.
    It is very simple, at first, I love Eevee. I loved the way to use my Eevee in the old versions of Pokémon, I tried to beat the league with my Eevee (I still have it). Even if is it not strong, Eevee is so cute, and I don't care about to see strong Pokémon!
    So that why I choose Eevee. In this game, Eevee is not weak as the other games.
    About Pikachu, I love its
    electric character. Its colors. There is so much things to say about Pikachu :3