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earlier this morning I was experimenting with wifi hotspots through ad-hoc networking (curious me >_>) by using internet connection sharing so that I could have a wifi repeater back in my bedroom since the router is on the other side of the house. While trying things out, I discovered that my wifi was acting slow, even as I got back onto the main network.

My problem is, the wifi is still moving slow even after having disconnecting the hotspot after 3-4 hours, rebooting the computer that was the hotspot, rebooting the test computer (my main desktop), and even rebooting the router like 5 times. I have also reinstalled my wifi device several times without any avail.

Its also only affecting my download speed. I should be getting 20-25mb/s down and 15-20 up. I still get the 15-20 up but I've only been getting 5-10 down.

If anyone has a possible solution, thanks! Also, going wired isn't a possibility for now :(

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