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Originally Posted by Pichu2Pikachu2Raichu View Post
You cant really get good fast speeds on ad-hoc.

For future readers, This might help: Use a MAC address changer to change your Wi-Fi hardware MAC address and try again.
I used a MAC changer program on Windows 7 a few months ago. It seems like it was outdated and only worked with XP, as it made my WLAN drivers cause a BSOD as soon as they were loaded (e.g., every startup). I had to go in using safe mode and completely uninstall and reinstall them to fix it.

Also, OP had problems with ALL of his devices having slow speeds. I suspect it was either a problem with his router, one of his devices sucking up bandwidth for something, or an ISP issue. None of those would be fixed by screwing with your MAC address. Most problems that would be fixed by such a maneuver could be fixed by just changing your internal IP, anyway, which is much safer and easier to do.
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