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Posted October 17th, 2019
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Pokemon Essentials
[Pokémon Essentials version 17.2]

Exception: NoMethodError

Message: undefined method `pbShowPicture' for nil:NilClass


PItem_ItemEffects:36:in `call'

EventHandlers:150:in `trigger'

PItem_Items:206:in `triggerUseFromBag'

PItem_Items:653:in `pbUseItem'

PScreen_Bag:484:in `pbStartScreen'

PScreen_Bag:448:in `loop'

PScreen_Bag:557:in `pbStartScreen'

PScreen_PauseMenu:189:in `pbStartPokemonMenu'

PScreen_PauseMenu:186:in `pbFadeOutIn'

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C:\Users\Gwen\Saved Games\Pokemon Essentials\errorlog.txt.

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Maybe I just have to paste the "def pbshowpicture..." in the item handler section? or where?