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  • i need help with this, some how my friend keep getting this error. when i gave him the game. and it didnt give me this problem before...

    [Pokemon Essentials Version 18.1]
    Exception: RuntimeError
    Value 568 not defined by a constant in PBSpecies

    Compiler:810:in `getConstantName'
    PSystem_FileUtilities:204:in `pbCheckPokemoniconFiles'
    PSystem_FileUtilities:202:in `each'
    PSystem_FileUtilities:202:in `pbCheckPokemoniconFiles'
    PSystem_FileUtilities:191:in `each'
    PSystem_FileUtilities:191:in `pbCheckPokemoniconFiles'
    Pokemon_Sprites:132:in `pokemon='
    Pokemon_Sprites:97:in `Initialize'
    Pscreen_load:173:in `new'

    please get to me as soon as possible....
    Umm. Hi. Unsure if this is proper protocol or whatnot, but the thread "Brick Bronze Remake-1st Gym" should probably be locked cause the creator said there'd be no more updates on it. Apologies if this isn't the right way to do this.
    You are going to laugh but just like 10 minutes I send you the msg, i fixed it up just copying and pasting again xD weird thing thoe.

    Hi there bro, recentily a begin to use the Evolution in Battle Script you made, but everytime i try to play out to see how it works it brings me out a Error.

    It says:

    ?????? 'PokeBattle_Battle' ? 4090 ??? Syntaxerror ?????

    I was looking in the forums with this related and nobody says something about it. I dont know what im bad doing xd

    ||Sorry my bad English, Im Latin.||
    Oh thanks Vendily it worked
    Thank you so much, now I can continue my project again
    Thanks again
    Can you close or delete the error thread I created?
    Since I got the answer for my problem
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