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    Please get rid of cut and add hedge trimmers as a key item or something. Seriously.

    Cut used to be slightly helpful early on, though it quickly started sucking less than half way to the move deleter, but now, with Tackle being an all around better attack (with equal power and more accuracy) Cut just plain sucks. Get rid of it. Please.

    I do like how in B2W2 it's more of an optional move (as opposed to walking through grass or fighting trainers and whatnot) but it still sucks and the game could easily be played without it.

    I like how TMs are reusable now, and I hope it stays that way. Maybe if they don't get rid of Cut, they could at least move it to a TM like they (thankfully) did for Flash and Rock Smash...

    I get that HMs are needed for some things like areas where you'd be trapped if you got in with the move and would be unable to leave without it, but even something like Strength isn't really going to trap you if they keep the Gen5 mechanic where you only have to push the boulder once, ever... I think they could even get rid of Waterfall as an HM if they design the areas like Tohjo Falls (GSCHGSS, east of New Bark Town) for example, with two waterfalls (one you climb and one you go down) and then a ledge to get you back where you started. That wouldn't trap anyone... And I get that Waterfall is a good alternative to Surf for physical water types, but we don't really need so many water type HMs...

    As for the TM list, I think some of them need to be kept, the obvious ones (Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Fire Blast, Thunder, Blizzard, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Earthquake, Solarbeam, Psychic, Light Screen, Reflect... You know, those ones.) But some of them just... I dunno. They kinda aren't great, at least a bunch of them. It's nice to have stuff like Thunder Wave since paralysis helps with catching Pokemon and against some tough enemies, but some moves just seem like a waste... Round and Echoed Voice are weird, I'm not into competitive battling, are they useful at all there? I can't imagine using them in game, they seem like a waste of time when I could just give my Pokemon better moves... Also, while I realize they all have their own up and down sides, do we really need Work Up, Bulk Up, and Hone Claws? They all raise attack and one other stat (special attack, defense, and accuracy) but really, do they all have to be TMs? And even if there's reason to keep them...

    What's with the order of the TMs. Okay, I get that people know TM 15 as Hyper Beam, and have since the beginning, and the same goes for some other attacks such as Blizzard and Psychic, for example, but the order is just so weird... With all the changes over the generations, it's just a mess of random moves. Maybe they should do a reordering of the TMs... Order them by type or power or something... Put Hyper Beam and Giga Impact next to each other maybe? I dunno, but something should be done...

    In Gen 1 there was at least some sort of logical-ish order... Teleport, Mimic, Double Team, and Reflect were all in order, and while they don't have that much to do with each other, at least they are all moves that don't do damage. And a good amount of attacks were grouped by type, like Submission, Counter, and Seismic Toss, and also Earthquake, Fissure, and Dig. But because every generation takes some from the previous ones, and replaces some others, we've got a whole random mess of TMs in a weird random order. Because unless I'm mis-reading Bulbapedia's lists, the TMs haven't even been grouped remotely by type, since Gen 1... There's no three TMs in a row which are the same type in Gen 2 or later. And it just seems to get progressively more messy looking.

    Basically I think they need to make the HMs more useful, or demote them to TMs, and I think they should reorder the TMs so it's not such a huge random mess. Considering that in the beginning, it wasn't a mess at all, and looked pretty neat, with most attacks grouped by type, I'm sure it wasn't meant to ever get quite as messy as it has, but I guess it just did, because of how the TMs were replaced through the generations. I think it's time to fix it up though... It's just a big mess.
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