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Hello everyone.
I have been truly busy with school and with life, resulting to gain slow progress with LoG.

But anyways, I have inserted some new sprites to be in the game, specifically, POKéMON sprites.

Here's a video of the Hevah Pokédex Beta 1.


Originally Posted by .Pichu-kun View Post
Nice update, but the tree tiles kind of freak me out...
eheheh... sorry about that. :P

Originally Posted by Nicolas View Post
yep... I wanted to request DJG to use D/P or Kyledove's tiles... maybe he wanted to use his own instead but I think maybe using D/P tiles will be more nice :)

so.... the mugshots need to be redone, expect that to be fixed ;)
That tree tile was made by Pounder_Zeikku.
I have saved some D/P/Pt tiles, but I don't know where to insert them as of now.

Also, I might make thos mugshots stay as is.
I am happy of how they look as of now.

Originally Posted by slicernicer View Post
I see you replaced some of the generation 3 pokemon sprites with generation 4 ones, cool.

Could I have your permission to use some of your sprites for a hack I'm making?
PM me for what sprites you wish to use.

Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
Hey nice trees... Are they going to be everywhere or just in Rainbow City?
They're just gonna be for Rainbow City and for the route below Rainbow City, sadly. :\