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    Pokémon: Discovery was a ROM hack with a fantastic concept that was really popular a few years ago. Recently the creator has given their permission for someone else to bring it back from the dead.

    The article could start off with a generic introduction about the story/reasons people liked it, accompanied by a bunch of screenshots of gameplay from the old beta. We can also get some input from old and new members of the development team - we could ask the new project owner what kind of plans they have, what we're going to see in their future versions, etc.

    Le pug, the original creator has a job where he's away for long periods of time thus he isn't online much from what I've seen, but I'm sure if we managed to contact him somehow he might like to say a few words too. The previous co-owner of the hack, Tcoppy, is still around from time to time so we might have a slightly better chance of hearing back from him!

    Here's a link to the project's thread.
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