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    My experience on my 2nd run for pokemon reborn..

    Start Oshawatt, its a sassy nature (+spdef, -speed) and female :0. i role with it cause i planned for her to be my tanky poke so yea (this actually plays a big role soon enough)

    Running around, training up Oshawatt, Ralts, and Magby cause it started to rain so i figured might as well take a bone thrown to me. Ralts is really hard to use as I made him adamant with plans to turn him to a Gallade for this run. My Magby is Rash (+spatt, -spdef) and has vital spirit.

    First gym time.. Entering with 18 Dewott, 15 Magby, 14 Ralts. Dewott took only like 1/5-1/4 his life from charge beams from emolga and voltorb, making that sassy nature pay off already. Sadly though, aftermath wrecked dewott so hard that i couldn't fight electrode with either Magby or Ralts. (Ralts is trash and does nothing except die, infact my Ralts had negative feelings about me at this point) so yea, i break my rule for not using same pokes as last run and get a trubbish for toxic spikes.

    So take 2: I get 2 layers of toxic spikes and poisons emolga before dying. Dewott comes in and razor shells emolga for the finish. Both voltorbs are hit hard enough by razer shell that they died to poison at the end of the turn. No aftermath damage lets Dewott fights Electrode at 1-2-2/3 HP. Dewott gets off one razer shell before falling but Magby gets an easy clean up on electrode. Between Magby and Ralts, Blitzie is taken down. First gym down.

    Boss after this is simple with just Magby killing him in 3 shots of flame burst

    2nd gym I pick up Lillipup. I enter the gym battle with: 23 Dewott, 24 Magby, 23 Kirlia, 23 Herdier (he had crunch however cause i trained him to 22 as a Lillipup for it) and cause it matters 15 Glameow (cut slave) and 10 trubbish (toxic spike fodder)

    Magby starts off with a free kill. Then i set up 2 layers of toxic spikes on foongus which is important as its the only way my team can deal with Cradily's recover. Had Cradily not have storm drain.. Dewott coulda maybe taken him on since he only knows smackdown. Anyways, I use Glameow on foongus to put to sleep to stop his rollout. Then kill with Kirlia. I kill Next poke with Herdier with a 2hko with crunch. Then the big problem comes.. Breloom. He 2HKO's Magby with mach punch and Magby can't OHKO with flame burst, so i have to put a chesto berry on my trash Kirlia and death fodder Glameow after one flame burst with Magby. Didn't need the chesto berry in the end, but was there since i lost an attempt due to spore. Herdier set up on Grotle and then took out the remaining pokes of Florinia. Herdier has sand rush, so sandstorm didn't hurt her which was awesome.

    So this shows you don't need a fighting type.. In fact its easiest just to toxic Cradily for the kill on it. Any trubbish can set up on Foongus 2 layers and you're set.

    Taka wasn't too bad. Dewott again clutched it for me being able to tank a +2 chatter. Man loving this +spdef nature xD

    I caught me a roggenrola after this. Serious nature and has sand force.

    Doubles boss Zel + Taka: all down to if Rock blast wants to hit enough times... And hit at all. Man i hate rock move's accuracy problems.

    Corey time.. Team at the time: 28 Dewott 26 Kirlia 29 Roggenrola (rushing 30 for stealth rock for Shelly) 27 Herdier 26 Magby

    Took 1 try. Dewott took out trubbish pretty easily. Had kirlia deal with Crogank with one confusion. Magby tried to take out Skuntank but i just made him waste all of his super potions. Skuntank was the hardest to deal with. I finished him out with Roggenrola. I have kirlia deal with grimer and then Herdier crunches haunter. I heal up roggenrola and have him take out crobat. Simple battle.

    Time for Shelly.. Team: 33 Boldore, 30 Kirlia, 31 Magmar, 33 Dewott, 31 Herdier end result: stealth destroys 3 of her pokes. Why does she not have a fortress to spin them away? I only had to reset once for missing 2 rock blasts in a row then getting air slash flinched -_-;;

    Battle with Shade.. Team: 38 Gigalith, 37 Magmar, 38 Samurott, and 37 Stoutland. I kept Kirlia in a daycare cause she's not doing anything until he evolves into a powerful straptor.. I mean Gallade

    I set up stealth rocks with Giga, get paralyzed, switch out to death fodder hm slave, have Stoutland take out rotom, didn't get twaved, so that was big. I switch to Samurott to take out Golrett.. Then he sends in Chandelure.. After stealth rocks, clean 2HKO with aqua jet. Gengar comes... He kills Magmar who i used for vital spirit.. He crits Gigalith next turn -_- its k, he missed hyponsis on stoutland and Samurott sweeped the rest of his team from there.

    I'm not actually overleveled this time. And I don't have a psychic type now so Muk was really tough to deal wit when fighting Zel. But Samurott destroyed Esp/Umby since she learns megahorn :D

    I did not fight any trainers on the beach, saved them all for my future Gallade

    Now for Kiki... Gigalith is utter trash for this.. But anyways my team is: 42 Gigalith, 40 Magmar, 42 Samurott, 40 Soutland and 2 death fodders. I have a duskull for curse fodder which never happened in the end.

    This fight is legitimately impossible for me. I acknowledge it and used 2 max revives cause Medicham one shot my whole team with hi jump kick (yea even samurott which surprised me) i won only cause i got a burn with lava plume with magmar. Stoutland took out gallade then revived Samurott to kill 2 more pokes and magmar to kill Lucario at the end. Magmar lived with 3 HP from a +1 aurasphere ._. (This -spdef nature not costing yet..)

    Also this fight i learnt Retaliate doesn't work properly.. Made me sad cause i was using death fodder for Stoutland's STAB retaliate :(.. Whatever.. Its my normal move till i get return anyways since take down is crap. But now i get HM04 :> if i can teach cut to someone i won't need an HM slave at this point lol.

    Geh fighting Cain and Fern when 2 of my pokes were 45 is not fun..

    Anyways Aya gym battle.. Team:
    43 Gallade, 45 Samurott, 45 Gigalith, 45 Magmar, and 44 Stoutland, and death fodder hm slave.

    Gallade sets up a swords dance then takes out three pokes before dying to Gengar (she was constantly switching out. Lost momentum when she switched in drapion) then i just whittled slowly down with Magmar's lava plume with Gigalith tanking it with a rawst berry to heal a burn. Only had to reset once cause tentacruel used muddy water causing me to miss my first psycho cutter. Yea Aya isn't hard for me, but maybe cause i had a psychic type each time..

    Serra gym battle.. Team: 48 Gallade, 47 Stoutland, 47 Gigalith, 46 Magmar, 48 Samurott, death fodder hm slave. I had both Sunny day on Magmar and Sandstorm on Gigalith.. I open with Magmar and Gigalith. I lava plume with Magmar and sandstorm with Gigalith. Tbh if i had sunny day support, Magmar would have swept the whole team with just lava plume. But nonetheless the entire battle was Magmar using lava plume and his teammate always dying. Magmar died on her last poke which Gallade easily cleaned up. This definitely makes me think her team needs to know hail to set it back up.. Instead of relying on the trainer to not bring weather.

    Fun mod, time for episode 9 soon :D
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