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    Originally Posted by azoula View Post
    I am world map creator NOT inserter...
    Look this...
    Looks good, I don't like the darker green outline. Maybe show us one more? Or another style of the world map?

    Originally Posted by I-Like-Shiny-Pichu View Post
    Right, doubt i'll get in but hey its worth a try

    Nickname: Pichu

    Desired Position: Spriter, Maybe Mapper but I have no proof etc

    Past Experiance: Not much but I created this sprite (attached)(I also created two C****y overworlds for it, if you want to see them plz ask) I am also working part time on my own hack

    Proof of work: Attached image, Project Pokemon thread

    Contact Method: PM, MSN, Email, Yahoo! Messenger

    Comments: Umm thanks for reading??? I am willing to learn and will be hardworking but if for some reason I cannot do something I will let you know asap.
    I think you should get more experience under yourr belt. All sprites made here are 100% scratch. Please feel free to apply again once you get better.

    Originally Posted by Aljam View Post
    Don't forget me! Even though I may or may not map depending on my mood >:P
    Lazy people are not allowed to map, thats why I'm not mapping. If you can do more than what your signed up for just show us proof :D
    Anways come on MSN if ur not on already :P

    Final decisions will be made once I talk to WHISBII & the rest of the team, feel free to reapply if you were declined.