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Side: Gold Tribe
Name: Zane Tyrael
Gender: Male
Age: (16+) 21
Title: Vigil
Pokemon Species: Bisharp

The appearance of a rather unique Bisharp is that of Zane. Many have said to Zane before that due to his appearance, it was as if he was meant to join the Gold Tribe, being a Golden Bisharp.

Personality: Like many others in the Gold Tribe, Zane is also selfless and noble. He fights for the interests of the Alpha Alliance, and the ideals they represent, which is freedom and peace. A relative veteran of the Gold Tribe, Zane is a believer in the old ways of the Tribe, where honor and respect is among the highest traits and individual could have. He therefore treats people who he believes deserves respect with a high amount of it, and likewise those who don’t deserve it with very little. His perception of the respect one is given and one deserves is often general high. It therefore often takes a lot to make Zane respect someone. Sure, he treats others with kindness and esteem, but there are few, even among the Gold Tribe, that he has deep respect for. That is something that must be earned.

Despite this, Zane is also a realist. He realizes in times of trifles, people are bound to die. He will do whatever he can to prevent it, but he knows he cannot protect everyone. Instead of mulling over those who have died, he endeavors to protect those who still live.

History: Zane was born in Cape City. His mother and father were merchants at a shop there, along with his grandfather. However, before his grandfather retired, he was once a member of the Gold Tribe. During free time around the shop, Zane would always listen to his grandfather’s adventures when in the Gold Tribe. He told stories of quest and ventures across the Alpha Alliance, and even sometimes beyond. Zane was always impressed with the stories. He had made up his mind, that he would one day follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and become a member of the Gold Tribe, go on adventures, and become fearless and strong.

It was then that his grandfather told him the true meaning of the Tribe. It wasn’t about adventure; it wasn’t about excitement or simply being the strongest. A member of the Gold Tribe doesn’t crave these things. A Gold Tribe member is selfless, putting the Alpha Alliance and it’s citizens above anything else, even their own safety. He told Zane that they were the watchful protectors, the first and last line of defense, the core and hope of the Alpha Alliance. They were Pokemon of respect and dignity.

Zane didn’t understand it then, as he was but a child, but he came to understand it more and more as he grew older. When he was old enough, he enrolled in the Heroes Alliance School, or H.A.S., a flourishing school that teaches children about honor and civility as well as training them in combat. It was established 100 years ago by famous Gold Tribe members. There, he learned combat skills, but more importantly, he learned about honor and civility. He applied these skills later in life, especially when he was trying to enter the Gold Tribe. When in training, he ultimately impressed the Gold Tribe instructor not by his fighting ability (although it was good as well), but more by his discipline and respect. It was with this reason, at the age of 16, he was accepted into the Gold Tribe. His parents were beyond proud, as was his grandfather. Through the years, he would uphold the traditions of the Gold Tribe, and do his best to protect the Alpha Alliance. Over the years, he gained reputation, and respect.

When the crisis with the Silver Tribe occurred, Zane valiantly defended the Alpha Alliance. Yet the attack came without warning. Zane and the Gold Tribe fought courageously, but in the end, the Silver Tribe overpowered them. Zane was there in the battle at Gold City, when Adam “Ray” Reed, the Leader of the Gold Tribe, died at the hands of Auron. As the Gold Tribe and Alpha Alliance retreated, many of the forces dispersed into different direction. Zane and what Gold Tribe he could find, made their way into the forest, where they eventually set up an encampment. Now without a leader, or a second-in-command, Zane and the other Gold Tribe await eagerly for the next course of action, where they would try to gather the Gold Tribe together, as well as the Alpha Alliance forces, and take back their homeland.

Moveset: Iron Head, Swords Dance, Night Slash, Guillotine, Aerial Ace, Thunder Wave

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