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    After getting pokemon white ROBBED from me, I sought out to get another copy, because I'm determined to make an epic pokemon team for competitive battling. I thought mostly about typing and a mix between walls, sweepers, and powerhouses. In total, I got a whopping 7 immunities, and 9 resistances from 6 pokemon. I was wondering if this team (by far) would be a good team:

    1. Cobalion. The strategy I have in mind for this one is to power it up with Swords Dance/Rock Polish, and then let loose with Sacred Sword/Iron Head. It has to be faced with a pokemon with moves that are basically terrible against it, like say...Scissor, or it won't work.

    2. Chandelure. This is to cover the fire weakness for Cobalion. With Flash Fire, switching in Chandelure gives me a boost on fire moves. I'm thinking about a Will-O-Wisp and Hex combo, but I'm not sure. But Shadow Ball and Flamethrower are a MUST! If I am faced with a Dark type, I could switch in Cobalion to take advantage of the Justified ability. But Pursuit would really kill me...

    3. Salamence. Salamence provides a ground immunity, protecting Cobalion, Chandelure, and Metagross (See #5). Salamence is my sweeper, and nothing more to it. Dragon Dance would work well, I guess. Also, I don't have to worry about that 4X Ice weakness, because the rest of the team can take Ice moves pretty well.

    4. Politoed. Politoed was added to destroy the Bulky Water types that lurk about...sort of. But that Drizzle ability is awesome.

    5. Metagross. I added Metagross to add resistances to Flying and Psychic. Both types are troublesome, as Psychics usually have Ghost-Type moves to destroy Chandelure, and Flying types to get rid of Politoed. Earthquake is a must to get rid of the few Electric pokemon that are around. And...Meteor Mash and Psychic work well too.

    6. Chansey. A Special Wall. That and the Evolite will do just fine. The Ghost immunity will help, because Chandelure will be faced against many bad moves like SHADOW BALL.