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    Hi guys, im new to B&W as well as this forum so i hope im able to get some guidance and advice on the game.

    So i recently just beat the game and i found this Battle Subway feature that actually packs a punch compared to the normal gameplay itself. So i actually went ahead and read quite abit over the net on competitive battling and learnt a bunch of cool stuff about pokemon building.

    so cut the long story short, i built this team below just for BS but somehow it seems to work well only to around 2x streak(couldnt even get to the subway boss D: ) on SS before getting shutdown. Hope u guys can comment on my team and hopefully it improve it !

    P/S: i dont have much friends in RL to really trade so some items and pokemon that require trading / poke transfer / dream world etc i dont really have access to it so im kinda limited x.x''

    My BS team

    Tyranitar @ Focus sash ( to survive irritating OHKO from fighting types )
    Ability : Sand Stream
    Adamant with 252 Att EV / 252 Spd EV / 4 HP EV
    -Stone Edge
    -Giga impact

    My tyranitar basically sets up the sandstorm from its ability in the beginning and i try to sweep as much as possible before it gets KO-ed. Stone edge and damage from Sandstorm at normal effect usually KOs a bunch of pokemon already.

    Shuckle @ Chesto Berry
    Ability : Sturdy
    Careful with 252 Def EV / 252 SDef EV / 4 HP EV
    -Power split
    -Earthquake (Previously Toxic)
    -Stone Edge (Previously Double Team)

    Changed the toxic strategy as i always get countered by steel / poison types or Taunt

    My shuckle usually trys to stall its opponent and cripple him with power split(almost effectively cutting its att and spatt by half) and uses the power stolen from its opponent to deal some damage. As my team has a generally weakness to fighting and ground types, i usually try to weaken the opponent with power split before exposing my sweepers to them.

    Lucario @ Life Orb
    Ability : Inner Focus
    Adamant with 252 Att EV / 252 SPD EV / 4 HP EV
    -Sword Dance
    -Close Combat

    well, quite obviously another sweeper. However, although i tried my very best to breed a 31 Spd IV with 252 Spd EV lucario(i knew its def was relatively weak so i must sweep before i get sweeped) I still get Outspd by alot of other pokemon e.g Enemy Lucarios. i knew my nature didnt help with the speed but this lucario was the best from millions of eggs -.-". 31 IVs in HP,Att, Def, Spd. i Dont really know how to RNG so i cant get a flawless one.

    i generally want to try to avoid getting damage from my own sandstorm so i sticked around rock, ground and steel types, which are relatively exposed to similar weakness. My streak always get shutdown by water, fighting and ground types but i cant really think of a pokemon that can resist those types but also at the same time, not take damage from sandstorm. Hope some pokemon pros out there could give me some help !