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    PJBottomz, I haven't really given that topic much thought (have thought about it though), but as stated in the main post this was started in 2009 and I most common tiles I could find was LG/FR ones. I actually prefer them, that is why they are still their. And by your content of your post, I believe that you haven't gotten very far in the game. Now, Grovile's den as you call it, (and his house) is actually the only 'house' in Ponario that is in a cave as such. All the other houses are houses on the inside (if that makes sense). I never really picked one that I preferred but this is what I came up with.

    Cave houses: More natural, suits the Pokemon more, but loses individuality(haha)
    House houses: Totally unnatural, can confuse the hell out of you (who and how was it made??), but every house is different one one way.
    (I did ask which one people preferred, but I have never gotten a response)

    When I first started this, I was going for the idea that People had once lived on the land that they live on, and for some reason left. Although this idea was to never be explored in the game or even be here. There was another idea but that doesn't need to be discussed. Both of these were scraped along time ago.There was another idea but that doesn't need to be discussed. All in all, the insides of houses and 'human made' things were there from the beginning and have just stayed there. I could go back and revise all of that stuff, but for now it can stay as it is.

    I like to see it as Pokemon are more intelligent than they are given credit for. And besides, Machop, Machoke and Machamp are there for heavy lifting!

    This video I made of Ponario's changes though out time, actually shows Ponario from when I first made it to now.
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