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    Saturday the 19th of January
    London City Championship tournament

    The deck:
    I decided to pilot Sigilyph as it's a rogue deck which has great potential against decks which use many EX attackers. Drakow suggested that I play the deck as it seems very basic and simple in the design. Also in previous tournaments I have played a deck with just 4 Terrakion as my Pokemon line up.
    It is meant to have a strong match-up against Keldeo EX/Blastoise and Speed Darkrai but a poor match in terms of the mirror match and Hydregion.

    The deck list:
    6 Pokemon:
    4 Sigilyph
    2 Mewtwo EX

    14 Supporters:
    2 Skyla
    4 Professor Juniper
    4 Cheren
    4 N

    28 Trainers:
    4 Pluspower
    4 Crushing Hammer
    4 Pokemon Catcher
    3 Ultra Ball
    3 Enhanced Hammer
    2 Eviolite
    2 Energy Switch
    2 Random Reciever
    1 Tool Scrapper
    1 Computer Search

    2 Stadium:
    2 Skyarrow Bridge

    12 Energy:
    4 Double Colorless (DCE for short)
    8 Psychic Energy

    The tournament:
    Round 1:
    I start with an active Mewtwo EX with my opponents Mew EX. I start by attaching a regular energy due instead of the double colorless due to the fear of revenge KO. I manage to build up my bench with Sigilyph, KO the mew EX, followed by a revenge KO by his Mewtwo EX. I then follow up with a Sigiliyph or Mewtwo EX of my own to seal the war. He was playing a-lot of different Pokemon. He had Hydregion, Mewtwo EX, Sigilyph (3) of his own. After the war I begin to catcher up and kill his remaining 2 Sigilipyh to take the last 2 prizes.
    Victory 1-0

    Round 2:
    I begin with Mewtwo EX in my active spot again. I notice that my opponent starts with the "Shiny" Rayquaza which can attack for 40 damage for 1 electric energy. I know that Sigiliyph is bad in this match up and begin to power up 2 of my Mewtwo EX whilst removing his energy with "Crushing Hammer". He doesn't draw a supporter for 3-4 turns, whilst my Mewtwo EX runs rampage on his Tynamos and leaves him with no energy acceleration. My board is Mewtwo with DCE and another Mewtwo with DCE ready to kill the opposing Mewtwo EX (if he decides to play one). In the end I get an Eviolite on my Mewtwo EX and he has to resort to Thunder Fang for 10 damage each turn on my Mewtwo EX.
    My last prize is killing the Raikou EX for my last 2 Prizes. Preventing the energy acceleration from Eeletrik by killing the enemy Tynamos seals my the victory (on top of his bad draws and no supporters)

    Round 3:
    I play against...the mirror match...oh joy. I begin with a Sigiliyph and start powering it up ready for the onslaught of his dying brothers and sisters. I get the early DCE attachment which is crucial and begin to kill 2 of his Siglipyhs.
    He then kills my 2 Sigilyph and leaves me on a field with no energy. Ont op of that my other 2 Sigilyph are prized. Mewtwo EX won't help me and I decide to concede the game.

    Round 4:
    This time I play against a deck which is very dangerous and one of my worst match ups. Hydregion/Darkrai EX.
    He begins with an active Deino and a Sableye (I think).
    My opening hand is great but I start with Mewtwo EX. I am unsure whether or not to go aggressive with a turn 1 DCE and start attacking straight away. I didn't play this match very well as I leave my Mewtwo in the active spot for too long when I could of been attacking early.
    He begins with a Sableye and just abuses Junk Hunt. He Evilotes the Sableye and I am unable to kill it with Sigilyph.
    Usually my method of killing enemy Sableye is Physic + Pluspower (which I run 4 of.) He abuses the Junk Hunts whilst I try to use N to prevent him from getting the upper hand . In the end he KOs both of my Mewtwo EX and I am unable to make a come back. I have no way to kill his Pokemon and he just abuses Sableye with Max Potion and has Hydregion to move the energy (by turn 3.)

    Round 5:
    Another Darkrai/Hydregion deck...oh joy. I begin with Sigilyph and don't want my Mewtwo to die. I decide to try and get early KOs with my Sigilyph but it does not pay off. He just stalls until he gets set up and goes to town on my poor Sigilyph. I only take 1 prize in this game as I am able to KO an early Sableye and it just goes downhill from there.

    Round 6:
    I play against a familiar face which we usually see at larger events. He is playing Ho-oh EX/ Mewtwo EX and Tornadus EX and some extra Pokemon thrown in. This should be interesting. Unfortunately the start of the game does not go well for him. I start with a Mewtwo EX + DCE and start to wail on his Terrakion and Tornadus EX. I manage to catcher out his Mewtwo EX and hit for 100 damage (70 hp remaining). He is then able to KO both my Mewtwo EX but Sigilyph and a well timed "N" puts him down to 1 card to my 2 prizes. He doesn't draw the energy or cards he needs whilst I "Crushing Hammer" away a vital energy to prevent his Terrakion from using "Retaliate" to kill my last Sigilyph.

    Overall Result:
    3 Win 3 Loss

    So I break even with my Sigilyph deck out of 6 rounds of Swiss. There was a top 8 cut and my round 3 opponent made it into the top 8 with his variant of Sigilyph. Congrats to him. I realized that the deck is not as simple as it looks. You really need to know when to play Mewtwo EX at the right time and when to use your Sigilyph. I feel my deck list needs a few more tweaking as I felt at times I needed energy or a particular card which I could of used "Skyla" for.
    Also I feel this deck may be seriously hurt when "Plasma Storm" is released. If I decide to attend the European Challenge Cup. It could be the last chance for Sigilyph to make it into the top cut.
    I had a fun day and managed to pick up 2 copies of "Tropical Beach" which is a card you can only get from attending the Pokemon World Championship. I can use the stadium in a Pokemon deck which requires Stage 2 Pokemon and will never be rotated out of the format ! That will be a fun project !