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    Originally Posted by PikachuEX View Post
    What there should be:
    Customizable characters
    Grand Festival
    MP3 Player (You would upload them onto the game from your computer)
    Laptops (No need for the PCs in the Pokémon Center)
    Traveling to other regions
    The destruction of Dunsparce
    Seasons are a must but for the sake of keeping pokemon alive I would say nintendo would keep that for an mmo. eck what am I sayin ninty wont do that so yeah seasons ftw cause it would add depth.
    Hhhmmm your own character would be nice but nintendo would have to use a fairly large amount of data so the ow can keep with all the random outcomes.
    Your own music is a must and would again add depth to gameplay. And make it strange to see you respond to trainers when you have metallica on 100% volume.
    No cause you cant exactly carry a teleport can you?
    Yeah and I say it would be sinnoh/???? cause in my head they have to add a whole lot of mount coronet to the south. Mabye a bigger one then sinnohs to hold champ lucas?
    No dunsparce will stay and with an evo. I commented on yours cause it was the most intresting.
    Now for mine:
    1. Pachirisu evo is a must along with a pre-evo of tauros/miltank with gender difference and a dunsparce evo.
    2. Everything that made/will make D/P/Pt great.
    3. Trainer battles in the sky with bird only pokemon. And anything that floats.
    4.Pokemon that follow you but starter only.
    5. Ranks with names not stars. Like you ar an uber trainer or a pre-master of pokemon.
    6. Like I said the continuation of sinnoh will have to be generation 5.
    7. If not bring on the regions above janto/kohto.
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