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Ah, the Regis. I actually did enjoy the concept of unlocking the Regis, and how it differed from just finding them laying in some area or roaming. However, I do hope that they make the Braille sheet more accessible. I can vividly remember reading the booklet and losing it, which had the translation for Braille in. One thing I propose is that if they remake it for the 3DS, they could place it in the in-game guide. I'd really, really appreciate that if I'm honest. XD Another thing they could do is maybe hint about the Regis a bit more in-game. It is quite hard to know to go to the cave on the route west of Pacidfilog Town to be honest. Maybe they could make the Explorers outside the caves hint at some strange ruins there first before unlocking the Regis- I think that'd be a nice subtle hint without making it too 'easy'. Apart from that, yeah I liked the Regis and how you had to decipher what to do. :)