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    Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
    Hey, are they any Fakemon's in this game?

    P.S: I think this is a great hack. I'll surely play it once there's a download link.
    There might be a couple, like new evolutions to original pokemon.
    Thank you :) and the beta shouldn't be to far away..

    Originally Posted by Ultimo1991 View Post
    hes a quick idea for mewtwo that ya could add as an event well for the final battle with the leader of team rocket have him/her have caught mewtwo but cannot control him in battle yet so then you force him to agree to release mewtwo if you beat him in battle and afterwords you do they disband or whatever your plan was and leave then mewtwo goes up to you using his psychic powers to thank you and says that he wants you to proe yoursef hell then heal ya and you have a chance to save and then you have to catch/defeat mewtwo to leave the place. (just a quick idea since i seen mewtwo and team rocket xD! you dont have to add but its an idea i wanted to put out there^^)
    That's a nice idea i'll keep it in mind but im not sure what i'll do with mewtwo yet, i dont no if i'll even include him in the game, but thanks ultimo :)

    Originally Posted by FranzFM View Post
    Kebbles, are you going to add Black and White Kyurem like the ones i sent to you? I think that would be a good idea cause other hacks still dont have them.
    I am going to add one of them, i havn't decided on which one i'll use yet.
    Thanks for all that stuff too :)

    Originally Posted by Ultimo1991 View Post
    Isnt that a little to much? after all they wouldnt really be black/white Kyreum with there actual move now would they? but hey thats for Keebles to decide for now id say he should just stick with doing what hes been doing and if he decide to add them later fine by me^^
    Hmm they wouldn't have there original moves as they would be new and I cant insert new moves yet.

    Originally Posted by FranzFM View Post
    I dont think its too much, kebbles is making a hack for everyone, not for himself only so we better give him good ideas for future uses.

    BTW, im shocked with the progress. Its way too fast for a one man made hacked. Thumbs up kebbles!
    Thanks, I havn't made much progress lately as i have been busy at work.

    Originally Posted by Ultimo1991 View Post
    yea it is going quite fast and looks better then almost every other hack ive played to say the least^^ but he has quite alot of experience so thats always a plus!
    Wow, I dont no about that, silver legend and legend of giratina and in there own league, but hopefully one day this game will be as well known as them.
    Thanks alot :D

    Originally Posted by MidnightShine View Post
    Hey Kebbles, will Beta 1 come out soon? Looking forward to the special Victini event that no other hack does.
    Um, maybe in 2 or 3 weeks, depending on my personal life.

    Originally Posted by Ultimo1991 View Post
    Kebbles i was kinda wondering what that bubble was for in the torn world pic? just kinda curious or is it not suspose to be there at all?
    Ive set the torn world weather to underwater, so theres bubbles and fog, it looks kinda tripped out lol do you reckon it looks bad? coz i'll just change it to fog?

    Just a small update to the first post, sorry guys.
    Pokémon Ice Version

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