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    Originally Posted by Shiny Bidoof View Post
    Interesting. It does kinda match the Gen III legendaries, except the third for that gen was air.
    Yeah, I think it's something like Rayquaza, but more advanced.

    On a similar note, look at the mascots and game names. X and Y. Chromosomes? The already mentioned germ layer theory? Even mythology? But they're the mascots. The game names, however, may be a play on the 3D axes. X for horizontal, in which Xerneas is on the ground, Y for vertical, as Yveltal is an avian creature, but what about Z for depth? Personally, I feel the mascot's gotta be able to teleport for some reason.

    Also, there's more theoretical evidence that could prove that the Z mascot will be a serpent.

    Remember I mentioned Norse mythology? Xerneas may be based of the stag in the World Tree, Yveltal being the birds at the canopy, and the Z mascot may be based off the Jörmangandr.