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Posted June 20th, 2019
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Well, I'm going to take next to no feedback as good feedback, and begin work on Demo 2 in earnest!

Starting off, Fotia Village, location of Mt. Fotia and the Mt. Fotia Seismology Center!

Being situated next to a volcano means that not a whole lot of people want to live in the area. Most of the people who live there either work at the Seismology Center, or are family members of those that do. Despite that however, they do tend to get a fair bit of foot traffic because within Mt. Fotia is the path to the fourth gym of the Yitria Region, where the thrill-seeker Lindsey awaits with her team of Fire Pokemon.

And for the helluv it, y'all can see what the map looked like when I first made it roughly 10 years ago.
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