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Posted August 18th, 2019
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Hi everyone! I'm Samuel and I'm from Italy, precisely from Rome. So I apologize in advance for my not perfect English😅 I decided to subscribe in this forum because every time I search something ralating to Pokémon I find something on this forum. So I think it's fair to sub 😁 Now, me like Pokemon's Player. I began when I was 7 with Pokémon Diamond, but Pokémon Platinum is the first game I'd finished. From then I explored various sides of the games. I'm in love whit the competitive side of Pokémon, I play in VGC and I love the breeding part of the game. This is for sure my favorite part of Pokemon Games. Sometimes I like to do Shiny Hunting too.
My favorite generation is Kalos. I know I know, it is not very common. I don't know why, but I love the region, the art style and the atmosphere. And not common probably is my favorite Pokémon. Infact it is Gogoat (and Skiddo too). I love that grass goat 😌.
Now, maybe this is sufficent. I hope to remain here for long time, and bye bye 😃