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(Still a working title...any ideas?)

The Intro:

There isn't a chessier game than one where you play as Ash's son, but no matter how lame it might seem, my cousin and I are going to use our time and our best talants to make it as anti-lame, boring, stupid,etc.,etc. as possible.

My cousin(Nerdyman2) and I have come to the conclution that there was no better match for Ash other than Misty. Even though they fought a lot and even "hated" each other, Ash and Misty get maried and have a son(real name still in question).
After ten, whole years of excitement and anticipation at your father's brilliant stories, your father and a man you know as your dad's close friend, Brock, come home with a suprise to change your life forever...a Pikachu?...wait...that means... Ash's Pikachu had to...UUUUUUUUHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!
Without wait, your father jumps into a story that you had already heard many times: Prof. Oak wasn't a very bad trainer, himself, but when he fell short of his dream to collect every Pokemon in Kanto and record them in a digital encyclpedia, he called on your dad and another trainer named Gary to fulfill his dream for him. But having failed epically, with only 48 out of 493 Pokemon(not including Ash's rediculous amount of Tauros), Ash also failed to keep the honor of his last name. Therefore, to regain that honor your dad is sending you out on the same old quest...wait...who's Gary...Your dad never said anything about him...

New Features:

-New Remade Maps
-New Elite Four and Gym leaders
-New sprites (HELP!!! Please...)
-Awesome New and Improved Storyline
-Catch every legendary (not including Diamond and Pearl's)
-Tough new secret(s) hidden all around the Kanto region

-Catch all Johto and Hoenn pokemon as well!

Screen Shots:

None yet...sorry [sob]

Wrapping It Up:

As a reference to above: We can use anyone and everyone's help! This will be our first hack and we need all the help we can get!
Things we could use help with:

1) We NEED a spriter

2) Anyone know how to edit the World Map?

3) Include all of your ideas! A little help can go a long way!

4) We could use someone to help out with the Intro/Menu and Credits

Anyone who is willing to help and has their ideas used will be put into the credits.