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    Thought I'd release a chapter in the midst of all the writing I've been doing lately.

    Chapter 5

    Red lurked through the tall grass of Route 1 in the dead of night. The moon light that peeked over the tall trees was his main light source, but the trainer could still barely see the path in front of him. He and Charmander then stopped walking for a moment so the trainer could think, <Maybe this was a bad idea, it’s hard to see…>. After he thought that, the sound of a Pokemon rustling through the bushes caught his and Charmander’s attention. Like he had done before, Charmander let his curiosity get the better of him, and ran off.

    “Darn it, again Charmander?”

    Red gave chase to the speedy fire Pokemon. Since Charmander’s hearing is much more acute than his trainer’s, he was able to follow the sound of the Pokemon running away from him with ease. Their chase took a few good twists and turns, and they were far off the main path by now. The chase came to a halt when Charmander was no longer able to track the Pokemon he heard. Then, Red spoke to his Pokemon with a half calm, half serious tone in his voice, “Charmander, you need to stop running off like that.”

    “Char, charr…” The orange Pokemon’s cheeks flushed a bright red as he nervously scratched the back of his head.

    Res sighed and pet the top of Charmander’s head before looking around at his surroundings, “Now we’re lost… I guess we just have to keep going.”

    The trainer and his Charmander continued walking in whatever direction they were facing. Time seemed to slowly drag on as he walked through the forest of Route 1. Red’s endless view of trees never changed, so he could have been walking in circles without knowing it. The fact that the moons light barely peeked through the thick mass of trees and branches was another contributor to his aimless wandering. The flame on Charmander’s tail barely cut through the darkness. When Red reached an area he thought looked familiar, he and his Pokemon stopped in their tracks.

    “Charmander, we’re really lost now. I think we should just stay right here till the sun comes up.” Red knelt down to his Pokemon’s eye level, “Sound like a plan?”

    “Charmander, char char!”

    The fire Pokemon seemed excited in his reply. The Pokemon seemed to love spending time outside of that Poke Ball, something Red took note of. The Pokemon laid down and curled up in a ball as his trainer sat his back up against a tree. Suddenly, he found himself wishing he would have waited till the sun came up to venture out on his journey. As he and Charmander ignored the eventual sounds of Pokemon rustling in the bushes and grass around them, the trainer looked up to see what stars he could see past the trees.

    <Man, I bet Blue is already in Viridian City, all cozy…> Red thought of his rival in an ill tone.

    It felt like at least an hour had passed when Red caught himself beginning to tire. He yawned and took his backpack off. When he opened the main pocket and proceeded to grab his spare pillow, the sound of a familiar voice caught his ears.

    “Reddd…. Come herrreee… lets battle againnn…”

    The creepily familiar voice lightly echoed through the forest in an eerie tone. Red immediately recognized this voice as Blue’s, even though there was something... off. He quickly put his backpack on and angrily yelled out, “Where are you Blue? I’m ready for a rematch!” His yelling woke up his Charmander, who sprang up.

    “I’mm ovveerrr heereee…” The slow, creepy tone of voice continued.

    Red and Charmander proceeded to blindly chase the sound of the voice. It only made sense, as both the trainer and his Pokemon each wanted another shot to take Blue down. He stopped once he reached the spot he thought the voice was coming from, only to see nothing when he looked around. He angrily jammed his fists back into his pockets and yelled out, “Coward!”. He then turned around, but a shiver went up his spine when he did so. The first thing he saw when he turned around was a Pokemon, but it was unlike any other he had seen.

    The Pokemon that floated before him was a deep black gaseous orb with a light purple smog of gas emitting from its body. The Pokemon was staring right at the trainer with its large eyes. “Gastly!” The Pokemon exclaimed. Red and Charmander yelled in fear and turned around, only to see something else that sent that shiver further up their spines. This Pokemon was much larger than the preceding Gastly, included with spikes protruding at the side of its head and sharp, purple teeth in its mouth. Two disembodied hands floated in front of it as it said its name, “Haunter!”

    Red and Charmander were officially scared now, and took off as fast as they could. Whenever they looked back, they saw the two ghost Pokemon right behind them. Drops of sweat formed and slid down Charmander’s face as both him and Red sprinted as fast as they could. “Just keep running, don’t look back at them!” Red yelled. It seemed like forever before the two noticed that Gastly and Haunter were no longer pursuing them. He and Charmander sat down for a rest.

    “Man, that sure was scary, wasn’t it Charmander?”

    Charmander nodded in agreement. Red pulled his backpack off from over his shoulders, opened it and grabbed one of the water bottles his mother had packed before he left on his journey. He twisted the cap open, took a drink, and then handed it to Charmander. When the two were done resting, the reptilian Pokemon tugged on his trainers pant leg and pointed towards where he thought the exit might be. He growled his name a couple of times in hopes that his trainer was going to understand what he was implying.

    “Are you saying that we should keep going?” Red caught on, and Charmander nodded. “Good idea, it’s probably not safe to stay in one spot.”

    Red looked around his surroundings before he and his Pokemon continued their seemingly endless walk. Something caught the Pokemon trainers eye as he walked along. He signaled Charmander to stop and follow him. Red slowly crept through a bush and past a few trees to see what had caught his attention. <Is that a Pokemon?> He thought to himself as he approached the spot.

    Indeed, what had caught his eye was in fact a Pokemon. However, much to his amazement, there was more than one. Red counted 7 small purple and blue colored Pokemon, all asleep and curled up in a ball. Six of these purple and blue Pokemon appeared to be coupled together, sleeping close to one another, with only one blue Pokemon being singled out. When Red attempted to get closer to these Pokemon, he stepped on a branch and broke it.

    “Nido! Nidoran, Nido!”

    The groups of male and female Nidoran all woke up startled and began to run away. The ones coupled together managed to get away the fastest, with only the one blue female Nidoran being the one to stay behind. She was clueless to what was going on, until she saw Red. Instead of running away like her fellow Nidoran had, an angry look entered her eyes as she lowered herself on all fours. Red looked as if he was frozen when the female Pokemon pounced at him, mouth agape in awe.

    “Uhhh…” Red seemed scared and worried for his own safety before he shouted, “Charmander, attack!” with his eyes closed.

    Charmander advanced for his opponent with his claws raised in the air. This was his chance to prove himself after his loss to Blue’s Squirtle, so he knew he absolutely could not lose. Charmander’s claws scratched the female Nidoran across her face before she was able to complete her attack. She got knocked back and slid on the ground before getting back up. Instead of choosing another offensive attack, she opened her mouth and released a Poison Sting attack. Multiple dark purple darts shot at Charmander.

    “Charmander, counter that with an Ember attack!” Red commanded.

    Red could only watch as his Charmander released many bolts of fire to counter Nidoran’s Poison Sting. The attacks collided and exploded upon impact, so neither was able to get past the other. The collision of the differently typed attacks cause a small cloud of smoke to appear. Before Red could even command another attack, the female Nidoran charged for Charmander at a high speed. Both the fire Pokemon and his trainer seemed surprised by the speedy poison type Pokemon, but Charmander held his ground. When she attempted another Scratch attack, Charmander caught her and brought her down to the ground.

    “Alright Charmander, use Scratch attack!”

    Charmander proceeded to carry out his trainers command. When Nidoran attempted to get back up, Charmander prevented her with a series of Scratch attacks. The female Pokemon squealed in pain from the fire types relentless attack. His attack ended when he knocked her against a tree. Nidoran was weak now, and she was barely able to stand when she got back up. Charmander awaited for further command.

    “Alright, it’s time to do this,” Red got one of the empty Poke Ball’s out of his pocket, “it’s time to catch my first Pokemon!” his voice flowed with excitement. Red pressed the compressor button in the middle of the ball and then threw it towards the weakened Nidoran. “Go, Poke Ball!”

    Nidoran was really caught by surprise when she noticed the Poke Ball flying right for her. She didn’t even have time to even attempt to evade before the containment device hit her. Red watched in amazement as the female Nidoran was converted into a form of energy and vacuumed into the empty Poke Ball. He approached the ball as it moved back and forth, back and forth. This was truly an anticipating moment for the boy, who nervously watched with his Charmander. Back and forth the Poke Ball went before finally, it stopped.

    “I can’t believe it!” Red excitedly exclaimed as he picked up the Poke Ball and held it up in the air. “I caught a Pokemon!” A huge rush of adrenaline surged through his body. Charmander jumped for joy while his trainer celebrated their first capture. Red gleamed as he stared at the Poke Ball. “Good job, Charmander.” He patted the Pokemon on the back.

    Unbeknownst to the two, the ghost Pokemon that had pursued them earlier had found Red and Charmander during their celebratory moment. The two ghost Pokemon lurked inside the bushes behind them, their gazing eyes locked on the two. Red’s celebration was cut short when these two Pokemon made their appearance in front of him, only this time they didn’t sneak up on him. Instead of being sent into a shock of fear like he had the last time, Red greeted the ghost Pokemon with confidence, “Back for a battle, hey?”

    Charmander moved in front of Red, “Charmander, char!”

    Gastly and Haunter both laughed and stuck their tongues out. Haunter then moved one of its disembodied hands up, and Gastly charged for Charmander at full speed. The battle was on. The reptilian Pokemon charged for the Pokemon with its claws. The fire type seemed confident that his attack was going to make contact, but he wound up charging right through the ghost Pokemon. This confused Charmander and shocked Red. Before the trainer could issue another command, Gastly zapped Charmander with a light purple beam.

    “Charmander!” Red yelled.

    Charmander was dizzy when he stood back up, but he regained his ground and turned around to face the ghost Pokemon.

    <It doesn’t look like I can use Scratch, it will just go right through…> Red thought as Gastly charged for Charmander. <I know!> Red snapped his fingers. “Charmander, use an Ember attack, full power!”

    Gastly’s large tongue hung out of its mouth as it prepared for a paralyzing lick attack. Charmander took this window of opportunity to fire a fury of fire pellets from its mouth. Haunter watched in awe as the fire attack made full contact with its underling. Gastly fell to the ground, burnt and defeated. Charmander triumphantly stood over his opponent.

    “Haunter, haunt!” Haunter sounded like it was shouting an order.

    A surprised look overtook Red’s face as he watched the defeated Gastly disappear before his very eyes. Haunter then slowly approached Charmander with an angry look on its face. Charmander panted as he glared at his opponent.

    <Darn it, Charmander is already tired from the battles he’s already been in tonight.. Maybe this will work…> Red grabbed a Poke Ball out of his pocket, “Charmander, return!”

    A red beam of light shot towards the fire Pokemon. Charmander then returned inside the Poke Ball just as Haunter was about to strike him with one of its glowing, disembodied hands. The ghost Pokemon glared at Red who then pulled a different Poke Ball out of his pocket, “Nidoran, I choose you!”

    Nidoran materialized in front of Red, but it already appeared to be tired and weak from it’s battle again Charmander earlier. Still, she stood confidently against Haunter. Red opened up his PokeDex to scan Nidoran for her moves, which were Scratch, Poison Sting, and Growl. <Darn it, Scratch won’t work!> Haunter flew towards its opponent, “Nidoran, dodge and try a Poison Sting attack!” The trainer commanded.

    The female Nidoran waited for the right moment and dodged Haunter’s attack with perfect speed, although panting. She then took aim at Haunter and fired multiple purple darts of poison. However, the ghost Pokemon dodged with ease and shocked Nidoran with a purple beam of energy. The female Pokemon stood its ground until Haunter flew by her at a high speed, a move she was not expecting that knocked her to the ground. She struggled to stand and look up at the ghost Pokemon floating high in the air. It’s body began to surge with a dark energy as a dark ball of energy began to form in between its hands.

    “Oh no!”

    Red yelled as he watched in awe, as there was nothing he could do for Nidoran. Just as Haunter was about to fire its attack, it looked up to the sky. Night was giving way to day with the sun peeking over the skyline. Haunter then ceased charging its attack and retreated into the forest before the daylight that quickly cut through the darkness made contact with it. Red was safe now, and he returned Nidoran to her Poke Ball. She deserved a rest. He then proceeded to walk in the direction he thought was supposed to go, but he was happy now that he could see through the forest with ease.

    The light reflected his shining eyes as he proceeded forward.

    Credit for the theme goes to Hybrid Trainer

    anyways, check out my fanfic, Legends of Kanto
    first volume completed, chapter releases on the way!
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