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Epilogue: Gotta Catch You Later!

"Well, this is it..." Ash mused as Ethan and Lyra arrived in the field near the stadium. "But you know we would never leave without saying goodbye."

"We enjoyed our journey around the region as much as you two." Ethan replied. "Even if we had two different routes and two different goals, it was still nice to see each other when our paths did cross."

Then, something occurred to Ash. "Kamon...have you guys heard anything of what became of him?"

"He apologized to Prof. Elm and Officer Jenny for all the trouble he caused, and when he told them of his journey of redemption, Officer Jenny found that a wonderful alternative to the mandated community service he would have otherwise received." Lyra explained. "Last I heard, he was headed to Violet City."

"But what about you guys?" Misty asked. "Where are you going from here?"

"Well, the world is certainly full of places to visit, and Mr. Pokemon's tales of the Shinou region have always fascinated us both." Ethan replied. "So we might take a page from Ash's book and go there--just to say we've seen the region, not to compete in anything."

"I'm intrigued by the idea of Pokemon contests...I wonder what those are like?" Lyra smiled.

She hugged Ash. "I wish you a hearty congratulations for reaching the top 8, and the best of luck on wherever it is you're going next."

"Well, first I'm going home and celebrating reaching the Elite 8, and then I'm headed to Houen, Harrison's home region." Ash replied. "Then after I compete in the League there, I just might come find you guys in Shinou."

Ethan smiled. "Either that, or we run into you."

Everyone laughed as Ash and Ethan hugged. "It was great to travel with you, and I wish you good luck on your further travels.

He offered Ash a small card with his and Lyra's contact information on it. "If you ever want to write, call, e-mail, or IM us, here's all our numbers and screennames."

"Misty...well done on doing well in the Pokethlon." Ethan went on as he hugged Misty.

"Thanks...I had fun competing in the Pokethlon myself, so I'll see what other regions have one, and go compete there." Misty replied.

"Brock...keep on playing your music, and telling your stories." Lyra smiled as she hugged Brock. "Whenever I hear an acoustic guitar, I'll think of you."

"You have a real gift." Ethan agreed. "Maybe you should look into becoming a professional storyteller."

"I'll do the research, and continue traveling and learning as much material as I can." Brock replied. "Whenever I tell any of the tales I learned here, I'll think of you two."

After receiving the group's contact information, Ethan turned to Lyra. "Well, I guess it's time to go..."

"Bye, you guys!" Ash called as he, Misty, and Brock waved goodbye to Ethan and Lyra. "May we meet again soon!"





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