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1. Is it better to play thru the game and then come back for any pokemon you missed, or is it better to catch everything in that area before you move on?
Personal choice. I like to catch as I go to avoid having to waltz through a less-accessible area more than once. It is up to you, though.

2. How do the totem stickers work? Do I collect 20 and get that totem, then 20 more to get the 40 one, or do I have to turn in 40 stickers to get the 40 one?
Stickers are cumulative totals.

3. Is there a way to use more than one code from those legendary cards they give out at like GameStop? Just curious if it's possible to get two shiny poipole since he evolves
One type of event code per game cartridge save. You will need a second game to use a second code.