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Originally Posted by Killer-Swift View Post
its good its good. But umm.. is it supossed to be dark or normal/ It looks more like a dark type to me, but you have it labelled as a normal. =/

anywyas, make a 3rd form now, make it like a... grizzly bear or something. ;D
Well, all Types of my FakeMon are pretty tentative at this point. They won't really be finalized until the whole Dex is complete. I'll need to make sure that there are no Types stacked with more than any other one, so that no one Type dominates the Dex. I already considered making both Losko and Loskill Dark Types, but I'm low on Normal Types at this point, so that's why they're Normal for the moment.

You're never satisfied, are you? ;D

Originally Posted by Jae-kun View Post
Heh, the d00d has a necktie XD;
I like him in almsot every aspect, but again the stance seems to betray it. D:
He looks like Robocop, mebeh you should change that? :3
Thanks, Jae. Glad you like him. As I already discussed with you, I feel my major flaw as a spriter is making poses that are too stiff looking. It's something that I plan on working at in the future.

I hope to have a new release within the next day or two, so keep your eyes peeled. XD
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