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    Originally Posted by Trikeboy View Post
    Actually, I realised a mistake when fixing the problem Rachael told me about. I added the barn after finishing the basic layout to make the farm bigger. I copied the door from the shop and forgot to remove the time restriction. It will not be in the next release. Try changing the time on your computer to before 8pm and the door will open. It is the one with the Miltank and Mareep next to it.
    Ahh, that's probably the reason, I was playing at 1AM haha. It works now.

    EDIT; I had an error. I wanted to deposit Ponyta into the Pokébag but after I clicked on the box it had an error message and the game shut down. I didn't copy what it said though.

    Besides that it looks really original and I like the idea of pokémon running around instead of grass. It just kind of bothers me that it takes so loooong to go to a certain place. But maybe that problem is solved when you get the running shoes.