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    I'm going to comment on both of your posts together to save time. My point about spelling and grammar appears to have been lost, also.

    Originally Posted by MegamanDX View Post
    The story starts that Arceus creates universe's and after creating the Pokemon world and the Pokemon that runs the basic physics which is Dialga,Palkia and Giratina...Arceus then creates other universes like our world and such and it wanted to see what Pokemon would do in other universes...So he picks a Charmander,Eevee,Pikachu and Zorua to be a part of its experiment...So it(Arceus) and Dialga,Palkia,Giratina try to transport the three to this universe that 3D which is our world but something goes wrong...Charmander and Eevee disappears when the cloud of smoke clears but not Pikachu or Zorua...

    What happens is that the Charmander and Eevee is reborn(reincarnation anyone?) as as human's from the real world and they have no memory of ever being a Pokemon...So they live out there human life's until since out world is imperfect...Arceus has a meeting with Dialga,Palkia,Giratina in the year of 2008 on what to do with the real world and Arceus tells the three that in order to stop of destruction of the Real World,Arceus will end all of the human race starting in the summer of 2012 due to the real world humans own creations like discovering oil and such...But I used the "WWIII" as a cliff hanger for your information thanks! and the two becoming robot like beings is due to the fact is what would you think if you had the powers of a computers,If somehow to save your friends life you had to go on with what a unknown being told you how...What i mean is that when you merge with computers,you become like a cyborg,like Robo cop for pete sake...This happens to the two humans trying to save their Pokemon,they and there Pokemon the next day wake up to find that they can understand their Pokemon and their Pokemon can speak human language and also have the powers of computers...

    And why does the story need to be sooooooo long...The game play on average is around 30-40 hours for video games like MMBN or Pokemon.

    Right now,i'm just in the basic idea stage right now so I know this all dosn't sound really good but I really do want to go forward with this...
    You act like these bizarre plot points are obvious, which really confuses me. So, they're cyborgs now for some reason, and they've.. chosen to do that to save the Pokémon they've only just met? That's very noble.

    I also have no idea where I said that the game had to be long, but considering how much you're desperate to break with the trends set by previous games, setting yourself a limit that's the same as those seems a bit odd.

    Originally Posted by MegamanDX View Post
    My role in the project would simply be to make sure that everyone is working on what they are suppose to be working on and to make sure that they are doing it a certain way due to how all the features are...You know a project manager,I would be the project manager in this...I would give in my input about everything and you would go from there and we would work together with me and everyone with my input.....I know that may not be much and me without the ability of programming or art but I would write the storys and give in my input on what I think about Pokemon Battle network and I would then ask to see on what everyone thinks then if we disagree...We would try something different or try to make the idea better somehow...
    As DaSpirit echoed, this is not enough for a free project. No-one will do the donkey-work for free unless they're confident that you're doing just as much. Almost everyone (myself included) arrives here hoping to be able to make a game through the talents of other people, and it becomes obvious that it doesn't work. If you want to waste your own time and find this out for yourself, then go ahead, but I implore you to listen to this advice.

    Originally Posted by MegamanDX View Post
    And I also thought about the legal stuff as well...I came up with the conclusion that "In order for Pokemon Battle Network to be legal,it has to be so different from the game play of Pokemon that even they would not think about suing me or my game and if they do..I can just give it to them to develop even better and leave it to them to develop it"
    But, just to clarify, you'll be using the name "Pokémon" and Pokémon characters and settings, yes? If that's the case, then it's a breach of copyright. There is nothing in copyright law to defend you if you just use the characters and most of the rest is different.

    Originally Posted by MegamanDX View Post
    And yes,I am just a 18 year old Pokemon fan thank you very much...
    So am I. Is that in any way relevant?

    Originally Posted by MegamanDX View Post
    *sighs*Your right,I don't have the skills for video games but I got one thing that perhaps you may not have and I felt that I feel ashamed that im a Pokemon fan for....I have the power of imagination...
    I feel like you're just trying to be offensive here. Are you suggesting you're the only person on this forum with imagination? Anyway...

    Originally Posted by MegamanDX View Post
    Thats right! I can come up with anything that my brain can think up and this time...I just felt that Pokemon is just....Most of the Pokemon games are the same,same gameplay,same exact battle system(and any changes they made are hard to understand)...Look,do you want to play a Pokemon version games that's just like Pokemon Diamond in 2025 or even in 2035,what I have seen as a Pokemon fan of 13 years come out of them...The side games are even far better then the version games....There I said it...

    Pokemon Battle Network is all about being different "all the way around" and not just "little bit change here" or "little bit change there"...Pokemon Battle Network makes you completely rethink about Pokemon and video games as a whole...And yea,The reason im also adding in the battle system from Megaman Battle Network...Its simple: You have more control of your Pokemon then in the Version games while still being strategic which I have noticed alot with many Pokemon fans is,needing strategy's is nice but the game becomes not much fun...

    So yea,your right on alot of things..It will be me who will have to change things since no one seems to want to rise up and ask for something different...and I have alot to learn if I need to change things but I wont stop,even if The Pokemon Company call's the FBI on me because of Pokemon Battle Network,I still will be happy because at least I could just get my idea out in the open and see what other people think about it...

    *sighs*5 years I had to wait for my brain to develop enough and 13 years in the making...Will I have to wait 5 more for Pokemon Battle Network?

    So im really sorry but at least doing something like this or being a part of the making of Pokemon Battle network is my life long dream...
    Yes, most of the games are the same, or at least very similar. As DaSpirit said, if you go too far away from Pokémon, you lose the userbase. If you want to make an original game, great, but trying to tack on existing worlds because you like them isn't great.

    I'm sorry that you've had to wait for your brain to develop, but if you want sympathy, you are not going to get it here. Passion for game development without the skills to back it up isn't going to get you anywhere. Please try to learn some development skills first.

    Originally Posted by MegamanDX View Post
    PSS:I still cant post links but in trying to get to 15 posts to show you that I have everything for Pokemon Battle Network to the point of concepts but that about as far as I have gotten on it...Ill have the concept pictures for you tomorrow since I forgot my flash drive at my house.
    If you're convinced it will change our minds, please feel free to PM them to us.

    As before, if there is anything that doesn't make sense or is unclear, please ask. As it is, you're continuing to prove your naivety. We're trying to help, so please heed our advice.

    Originally Posted by Erosu mou View Post
    Edit: Oh yah, I am pretty sure you would have a high chance of Nintendo not doing anything to your game if it is successful since a few games have been up around 5 years like Pokemon World Online, forums that contains listings of new/old Pokemon fanmade games like this forums, Pokemon is moving onto 3D type of games which means they want those type of games to sell more than the 2D type of games, and GameFreak is a huge game company that are scattered at most countries and it is 2012 so by now they would have done something with all these Fanmade games.I found this website easily from a normal Pokemon listing search on Google.Sorry but these are just thought of from the years going by after the "game shut downs" slowed or stopped.I could be wrong though.Feel free to correct me, no hard feelings.That doesn't mean you go "full out" with fanmade games that would really get Nintendo's attention. x)
    There's a stark difference between a fansite and a game online that's actually generating revenue based on the Pokémon franchise. They don't mind games that aren't very good or are incomplete, because it wouldn't really detract from their own sales, but if any fangame started to become really popular (as a lot of the MMOs do), then they usually get cease and desist messages. I'm quite surprised an MMO has lasted five years to be honest, but I'd be even more surprised if it made it five more years. Happy to be proven wrong, though!