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    Originally Posted by MegamanDX View Post
    EDIT:@KikNaks, Its not that in not reading everything your saying and I do agree with you on everything you said...I just am trying to get all my thoughts and idea organized...To you it may sound like a bad idea and I'm just a beginner at video games that just has a idea that different but you just don't want to see what im aiming at...Like the time you said this "Happy to be proven wrong, though!"...Sorry pal,I will listen to you and take you advice but what you just told me that you would like to see this fail and me in jail for trying to do make something that can be fun and strategic at the same time...Pokemon is strategic but not fun anymore and I feel your not happy that i'm want to put in the fun element back in,in a new way...
    My username is "NikNaks" with two Ns.

    At no point did I say that I wanted this to fail. What I want is for you to make a game that people would want to play, instead of a mess of disjointed ideas. I don't think you're taking any of what I'm actually saying on board, so I'm not going to bother replying any more. Please listen to advice. I'm out.