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@Red & MD - here ya goo
totodile seems to be inspecting you intently, perhaps he is hungry?
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pls tickle my trunk. yes, that's the spot
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@chuckles - whoops haha, sorry. I had no idea your SU was still in the works! While there still are a few lingering errors I'm glad you went over it and fixed up most of them! If English isn't your first language I can totally understand slight errors here. Also if Microsoft Word isn't being much help, may I suggest writing your posts up in Google Docs Drive? It's pretty reliable and has helped me out a ton, especially when I get tired and end up writing a bunch of nonsense :p

Anyways, all that aside, Tai is accepted!
sup yo
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@Shad0w - as of right now, you and EliteBeats are going for the egg so no, it has not been taken yet : ) Anyways, take your time and let me know when you're ready for me to review your SU!

@Kranic - yay another female character! need to balance dat gender ratio yoo. can't wait to see your SU when it's finished!
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