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@> Everyone:

over the past month I have made some significant progress, namely on the battle system and encryption.

Over the past month I have updated the insides of the battle system to almost match Pkmn BW. I haven't done a huge amt of work on the GUI yet but I do have screenshots for the bottom screens of the battle system. (NOT MOCKUPS)

I have successfully completed a Pkmn BW Font file which allows me to type text using the font, the text is actually typed-in text, not mockup graphics. I will be working on full screenshots for the upcoming week.
The team/kyogre are all just testing pokemon used for this example with randomized stats and a testing moveset. (Kyogre can't use lock-on =P)

The second bulk of what I have done over the month is a brand new encryption. Unlike my demo this encryption uses virtually zero ram so none of your computers will have a problem. I have successfully encrypted, and played, audio files with my new encryption too with nearly zero lag.
Using some new methods this encryption was made possible.
I'm not sure if I'll release this function though for the public but if your interested leave me a comment here, by visitor message, or by private message. If I get enough comments I'll consider allowing others to use it ;)
If you want an example proving my file encryption, here is an example:

The extension is the name of this encryption. (ColloSal ARChive)
The encryption is still a beta but there is still no plain text.

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