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Posted April 1st, 2011
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Dear PokeCommunity readers,

I began a project around a month ago and worked it up to a Christmas Day release. I began thinking of something: "What can anyone on PokeCommunity use, regardless of their storyline...something that will be helpful regardless of their game." And I think I hit the nail (of what I was thinking) with this project.

The project was creating a stronger encryption for everyone using either RPG Maker XP or RPG Maker VX. I know that many infamous unencryptors such as DRGSS and WX RGSSAD are among us, but this encryption stops those unencryptors (and every other unencryptor) dead in their tracks.

What could be more useful to any RMXP/RMVX developer other than a stronger encryption? I know most people here put effort into their games, and this is why it hits my goal: Creating something useful for any game developer, regardless of their game because we all don't develop the exact same games.

You may view it here: (Tutorial included)

It's not a virus or a scam. I promise, just as Luka SJ promised with his Christmas gift last year.

Using this encryption, I have prepared a demo. Go ahead, try to use DRGSS/WX RGSSAD...they will not crack it normally. Actually, this isn't really a demo. I encrypted OG Duke's Pokemon Raptor game...fully compressed into an RGSSAD (as much as possible). You can see it's compressed and play the example download here: Raptor EX v1.12 ENCRYPTED.rar

I know that this Pkmn Raptor version is veryy old (v1.12) but it was meant to prove:

1) The encryption works
2) You can encrypt any game, even larger games like Pokemon Raptor, so you don't have to worry about your project size too much

Mind you this encryption may not work on every computer, but has been tested on the following systems with flying colors:

- Windows XP
- Windows Vista
- Windows 7

On the final note, I wish everyone here a Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

~ CP
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Better Encryption for RMXP/RMVX
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