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I'm just happy the Ponds have finally jumped ship. I loved Rory so, so much but Amy definitely overstayed her welcome for me. I really like how Karen Gillan played her but I'm nooot a fan of Moffat's writing and generally haven't really liked any characters a whole lot since he took over in series 5. :( But hopefully now that there's a new companion, the show won't feel so stagnant?

I'm also worried that Clara will be much of the same again. She follows the same "strong female character" archetype that all the females have now (sassy, flirty, & occasionally kick-ass until the Doctor inevitably needs to save them) and while simply having a new actor in the midst is a breath of fresh air, I'm hoping she breaks away from that a little more and becomes a truly unique character so that we don't just have River 2.0.
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Also, is anyone else bummed at the mumblings that this year's Doctor Who output is probably going to be the rest of this season, the Christmas special, and maybe an anniversary special? So much for that "more Doctor Who than ever in 2013" remark from one of the show runners.
Did they ever specify that the "more Doctor Who than ever" part was about the current TV series? 'Cause I know there's a bunch of extras coming around to celebrate the 50th anniversary. A series of short stories about each Doctor written by a popular children's author is in the works, I believe a second anniversary special with multiple Classic Doctors has been announced, plus the regular season (well, the end of the regular season at least), probably Moffat's 50th special, Christmas, then any other hype from the Anniversary (like those snazzy stamps they announced the other week). It looks like the franchise is getting a lot of merch/hype this year so maybe that's what they meant...?
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