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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Now this is something I'd love to see. The episodes where he was working with James Corden or with Donna's granddad were great, I loved the dynamic of him having a male assistant as it cut out all of the constant flirting and made it more about "We've got a job to do, let's do it in an awesome way!"
I liked Donna herself for this too! She and the Doctor were just BFFs, no romance required. A lot of the male companions (temporary or not) we see with the Doctor are a little too go-with-the-flow for me. Rory was great, but he pretty much followed orders 100% and if he were travelling alone with the Doctor, he wouldn't amount to very much I don't think. Wilf was awesome too but he was also just along for the ride.

I think my favourite male companion was Jack although it doesn't really get rid of the whole flirting angle. :P But I always felt Jack was very different from any of the female companions with a crush just because of his character. No drama, no expectations, he just flirted with EVERYONE and that happened to include the Doctor as well so... does it even count?
Ehh this sums up my thoughts about Moffat too. The change of writers really didn't benefit the show well. I can't see him changing this for the new companion though, if anything it's just going to get worse now that he's past his introductory period and he has a character that he's controlled from the start to play around with.
I know... I'm trying to stay positive though because I want to still like the series. I do like Clara and I want to keep liking her, but I just have such low expectations for Moffat's writing that I fully expect her to be River/Amy in a new skin and I'm also preparing myself for that. :/

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