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    "What are you talking about, what virus?" Jack saw a person ask Oak. He had a tag floating near him, with the name "Nideous".

    "Not to fear, you won't die. Your code has been altered. After the last time this occured, we have been working on a program to counteract the virus. We have put it in each of your data, and your corrupted pokemon. It repaired your code, but unfortunately, you have been altered too much to remove from the game. Even if you weren't... That last virus damaged the game. We can't remove any players at this time. So you are stuck here. Now, there IS something you can do. The main virus is located in the Champion's room. You all are special. You can not be infected by the virus again, due to your new code. While we work on a way to get you back home safe and sound, you can travel through the game and stop the virus. Now, this is the reason we have disabled your control units. We are adding a new option. This new option will allow you to delete viruses without them exploding like that last one did," Oak replied. Jack kind of lost interest, but he heard his whole lecture nonetheless. Wait, so there was no way out? What the hell? In the end, the game was playing with them, making them complete their job like they desired.

    He heard Nideous agree. He also saw another person with the tag "Alason" agree too. This Alason guy was special, Jack could figure out he was a Moderator. He saw a few more guys agree, then he walked up, and said, "Yeah, I'll do it too."

    He then tapped at his hand device again, but still no response. "So when will these damn things work?" He asked the professor.
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