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    Dice examined a bookcase whole Oak gave his speech, not too interested in it since he already knew what was happening. Taking out a book, he opened it just to see how realistic this simulation was. Most of the pages were just a big animated block, unfortunately, but it opened to two pages. The book seemed to be an instruction manual for the Pip-Boys. Or Pokevices, as Oak called them. He liked Pip-Boy better, more catchy. Setting it back on the shelf, he picked out another one, finding it was the same. Noticing he hadn't done the nickname process properly, Dicebot waited until the speech was done and opened up his menu, going to Pokemon. There he nicknamed Spiritomb 'Jester' since the original name, sadly, would not fit. Probably for the best.

    Doing a little spin on his heel after he put the book back, Dice watched the two begin battling. Figuring he might as well give the combat system a shot, Dice made his way outside and into the tall grass. After some wandering, music began to play in the background, and the player was confronted with a wild Pidgey. Using the menu to select Jester, Dice called up the Pokeball and sent it out. He checked the movelist, "Heh... This should be simple enough, exploiting the mechanics. I'll want to get a non-Ghost move soon though, grinding like this will take forever. Jester, Curse it!"

    The area seemed to get darker for a moment as phantom nails materialized, spearing into both combatants. There was no blood, which was expected. The dark faded and Jester's life bar decreased by half. The bird ineffectually attempted to attack Jester with Tackle a few times. All the while Dice had the ghost spam Spite, since there seemed to be no 'skip turn' option. After three turns the Pidgey was down to a quarter of health, so Dice called up a Pokeball and tossed it. The sphere struck the Tiny Bird Pokemon and drew it in with a flash of red light. Landing on the ground, the ball began rocking back and forth. With the lack of a B+Down to hold, Dice instead crossed his fingers for luck.
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