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    Parents who don't give their children guidance, even past the age of 18 (cause that's when life really starts) can only be called a parent in a bio sense. They need to be able to teach their children what they know to be true in the world. and if u need help help as a parent, u need to look for help from anywhere u deem appropriate cause that's ur child. YOU gotta step up. u can even go and ask your parents/guardians or at least ask yourself what they would do if u respect them, cause if your really trying at this then they must have been doing something right. I'm not out the house yet, I'm Mom is high strung on things and my Dad is just kinda trying to get beck into the family. I've learned a lot about life and from other things like Tv but i do know that they know a lot about stuff i haven't even realized. I just need to ask.

    And for those who think they deserve the same respect from their parents as to them, please remember first of all they can make someone who looks like you and raise it better than you because they practiced on u. Honest the fact is that you were born is enough of a reason to give respect. and on top of that they do even more O.o for what reason? idk. Secondly before the point of 18, what have you done for your parents that is more than what they have done for you? most of you, nothing. keeping in the part that they made you, you will never reach. They also have seniority.
    and they all have been at our stage in life, learning and growing, maybe thinking we all have it figured out. when we don't. Obliviously. Its just that some people clearly know more than others (Like Teachers, The Boss or your company, your Parents, your parents' parents)

    Edit: seriously, people think that they deserve things JUST cause they were born. News flash, so are all the licks of grass in the dirt. another reason is needed.
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