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Here is my final SU, hope you like it. :)


Name: Kellyn Wayland

Nickname: Kel

Occupation: Trainer and Coordinator(Willing to be anyone's rival just VM me)

Hometown: Viridian City

Home Region: Kanto

Age: 20 and a 1/2

Appearance: (Pic soon) Kellyn is a very handsome Caucasian boy standing at 6'0". He has short, messy black hair and bluish-green eyes with inner kindness behind them. Has an average build with muscles and abs. He is fairly skinny due to days of working and training hard. His hair is in a short, messy style and his arms have been scarred up from fights and accidents. His smile is bright with white teeth, that can get any girl to fall for him. He weighs 180 lbs.

-Clothing Style: On most occasions, Kellyn wears an average t-shirt with a simple domino design. He mainly wears his blue zip-up hoody over it and blue jeans with several designer holes. He wears simple running shoes and has a basic backpack. He occasionally wears a baseball cap with his own design on it. He has a necklace with a fearless rune on it from his family. During the winter, he wears a long sleeve shirt with a skateboard design on it and a heavier sweatshirt. When it is sunny he will wear sunglasses.

Personality: He is a kind teen who is considerably protective of his family, friends, and pokemon. Although he is kind and protective, he can be harsh to those who get on his bad side and cross the line. He is very romantic but rarely meets anyone he would like to date. He is a good sport and almost never gets depressed after losing a battle (Though it has happened before). He does get sleepy when using to much energy quickly.

He is quite adventurous, never staying in a place for too long besides the random occasions. He loves puzzles and can break most. He keeps some secrets from people until he's known them. When he gets nervous he will occasionally say a joke to lighten the mood. He'll brag to his rival('s) in order to show his achievements.

History: Kellyn was born in Viridian and was trained by the local gym leader. He was taught the basic of battling and contests. At the age of 7 he received his Starter. An Eevee, whom he nicknamed Harmony, was the starter and the two became close friends, along with Bliss, Kellyn's mother's Poochyena. At the age of ten, Kellyn started his journey like any other teen. He traveled alone on his way to Pewter City, where he met a Pikachu in the forest and later on his Magikarp.

The Magikarp was a rather odd pokemon, as it was golden, yet it was a fish out of water, literally. Somehow, the pokemon had landed out of the water and it had seemed to be there for days til Kellyn got there. He caught it and brought it back to health, allowing it to evolve quickly. He quickly beat the first five gym leaders until he found two eggs, both from the Sinnoh region that were likely left there by some criminals who were trafficking the pokemon. The first one, a Starly, hatched before the catch of a Scyther at the Safari Zone. After heading to the pokemon center that night, the second hatched, giving birth to a Riolu.

The eight traveled through the rest of the region easily, catching more pokemon, who are all at the Viridian Gym, and getting the rest of the Badges. All was easy til Kellyn faced his teacher. The battle lasted for hours and they were both beat. Kellyn finally claimed victory after Jackal, now a Lucario, hit a Dugtrio with good accuracy. Kellyn and his teacher later departed after he received the badge. Slowly, yet determined, the young man, now twelve went for the Pokemon League.

Kellyn went through many problems on the way to the finals where he finished third. He then took a break over the next few years until the age of seventeen. This time he went to the Johto region, where his father gave him an Axew from Unova.

He worked the way to the Pokemon League once again, this time with many more problems. A criminal syndicate, known as the Destruction Society, started to cause problems. They captured entire cities and Kellyn was put to the test to stop them. He succeeded, defeating the boss, who was known as Scry, and restoring the region. After which Kellyn, celebrated his birthday on the opening day of the year's finals. Kellyn made it to the Top 8, where he finished in sixth.

Kellyn had taken a short break soon after but is now heading for the Hoenn Region, hoping he could finally when a title and also start his career as a Coordinator.

Pokémon Party:

1st – Espeon
Nickname: Harmony
Type: Psychic
Nature: Harmony is very loving to Kellyn and trusts him completely. She tends to be more careful than most pokemon.
Moves: Psychic, Swift, Morning Sun, Psybeam, and Iron Tail
Other: Close to Bliss

2nd - Mightyena
Nickname: Bliss
Type: Dark
Nature:Bliss is protective of her partner and is quick to judge. She's been raised in his loving family, causing her to gain these attributes. She loves to battle and is very courageous. She get furious at times and tends to fight harder than needed. Most of her attributes are the same as Kellyn's.
Moves: Bite, Toxic, Shadow Ball, Hyper Beam, Fire Fang
Other: Close to Harmony

3rd - Raichu
Nickname: Jolt
Type: Electric
Nature: She is docile and loving to many she meets.
Moves: Thunder, Volt tackle, Iron Tail, Thunder Wave, and Wish

4th - Gyarados
Nickname: Rapid
Type: Water/Flying
Nature: A Brave Dragon who tends to jump into things.
Moves: Surf, Flamethrower, Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse
Other: Shiny

5th - Staraptor
Nickname: Starstripe
Type: Normal/Flying
Nature: He can be brave but tends to stick by Kellyn's side, fixing his plans or helping him make one.
Moves: Fly, Close Combat, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Rest, Pursuit
Other: Close to Jackal

6th - Scizor
Nickname: Sciz
Type: Bug/Steel
Nature: Strong, yet careful and love to do his own thing.
Moves: U-turn, Bullet Punch, Superpower, Pursuit, and Swords Dance

7th - Lucario
Nickname: Jackal
Type: Steel/Fighting
Nature: Tends to be Naive but does truly care for his partner.
Moves: ExtremeSpeed, Force Palm, Swords Dance, Hi Jump Kick, and Shadowball
Other: Close to Starstripe

8th - Haxorus
Nickname: Blade
Type: Dragon
Nature: He is somewhat proud yet cares for his friends
Moves: Outrage, Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Toxic
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