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    > Well, now would be a good time to see if there's any stats for any member of the team.

    Yeah, the middle of a fight is always the best time to stop and make a thorough investigation of your Pokémon's stats. You do realise that battle is no longer turn-based, right?

    > The obvious thing to do would maybe be to have Vespa attacking it, Sudowoodo is, however a rock type, so fire attacks would not hurt it much. Sudowoodo has very low special defense. If you still have the thing that shoots flash cannons now would be the ideal time to use it. If not, see if you can slip past it otherwise, it’s not like it occupies the only walkable tile, right? You can move through the forest, right? Sudowoos have very low speed so maybe it’s possible to outrun it through the forest. If not, run around in circles screaming while Vespa shoots fire at it continuously.
    Or is there any chance the walking steel-thing that is Jasmine can use something super effective against it? She must count as a steel-type pokemon.
    > As the above guy said, time for a Very Persuasive Flash Cannon. If that doesn't work, have Jasmine beat it up.

    With a whoosh of displaced air, the Sudowoodo's massive fist falls towards you like a meteor – but it never connects: something hard hits you from the side and as the great hand crashes into the ground you look up, dazed, from the leaf litter.

    The Sudowoodo pauses. Something has happened that it wasn't expecting, and to be honest it doesn't really have enough brainpower to cope effectively.

    It is then that you notice that Jasmine is apparently no longer there.

    The stone fist rises up again, and now you see Jasmine, or at least her head, sticking out of the ground: too tough for the Sudowoodo to crush, its blow appears to have hammered her into the ground like a giant nail instead.

    “OH DEAR,” she says. “I THINK I'M STUCK.”

    “For God's sake,” you sigh, and shoot the Sudowoodo in the knee.

    Othodox used Flash Cannon! It's super effective!

    Part of the Sudowoodo's leg ceases to exist.

    The Sudowoodo stares down in absolute horror.

    Then slowly, very slowly, it begins to fall.

    And you're running, all of you who can still run, trying to get as far away into the woods as you can before the giant Pokémon reaches the—


    The Sudowoodo fractures on impact, huge lumps of rock cracking apart and flinging out sharp jags of stone from the fissures. One skims your arm, slicing it open; another hits Vesta in the back and knocks her down, her light dimming.

    And then the crashing has stopped, and instead there is simply the sound of trickling soil – and then there is nothing.

    Silence once again.

    You get to your feet and inspect your arm. It doesn't seem too bad, or at least you hope it isn't too bad. To your right, Vesta is picking herself up, slowly and painfully; as a Fire-type, you realise, the eldritch rock must have hurt her even through the Adamantine Spider Silk.

    “Are you OK?” you ask, helping her back up. “Vesta?”

    “I died,” she says, shivering. “For a moment, I died... But I came back again,” she adds unnecessarily.

    You hug her, but she stiffens and pushes you away.

    “It still hurts,” she says. “Sorry.”

    “It's OK,” you assure her.

    “It'll be better soon,” she goes on. “I can feel it.”

    The two of you walk back to the path, where Elm is waiting for you. He fled off the other side of the road, it seems.

    “Are you OK, Professor?”

    “I'm all right,” he says, rubbing his head. “Bruised, but all right.” He looks at the Sudowoodo. “He, on the other hand, isn't.”

    The Sudowoodo is moaning gently and writhing slightly on the ground; since it's broken into six more or less equal pieces, this isn't doing it much good. After about thirty seconds, it seems to realise it can't get up again, and with a colossal sigh its various pieces start dragging themselves slowly off into the forest.

    “Is it me,” you ask, “or was that fight unusually easy compared to all the others?”

    “It was easier,” replies Elm. “But that isn't much consolation.” He points back down the trail. “Look.”

    A thick column of smoke is rising from Route 37, half-invisible against the black dome of Ecruteak.

    You think you can see green sparks at its core.

    With a sudden effort, Jasmine unearths herself in a shower of earth, and climbs wearily back onto her feet.


    “I don't think any of us were expecting it,” you point out. “You're all right though, aren't you?”

    “YES,” she says. “I'M ALL RIGHT.”

    “Then it looks like we all made it through that OK,” Elm says. “Which is... more than I've come to expect, actually. Usually at least one person ends up crippled, injured or infected with parasitic coral after each fight.”

    “Yeah,” you agree. “Well, we should keep moving. There's only one thing that can be making that smoke behind us, and it's far too close to be safe.”

    “It's coming,” confirms Vesta. “I can smell fire on the wind.”

    OK, so she can smell fire now. Does the Narrator just keep giving her random abilities or something? You wouldn't put it past him.

    The four of you continue east until the path widens; ahead is the gateway to Violet City, but that's not your destination. You turn south, into a different gateway, and head through it into a broad expanse of dirt, littered with boulders and the half-excavated shells of long-buried dwellings. The trees press silently up around the edge of the dig, like curious bystanders at a funeral; a silence hangs heavily over this place, making the air thick and warm.

    You have reached the Ruins of Alph.

    Othodox's Hunger is rising.

    Othodox's Thirst is rising.

    Othodox's Fatigue is rising.

    Elm's Hunger is rising.

    Elm's Thirst is rising.

    Elm's Fatigue is rising.

    Vesta's Hunger is bottomless.

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