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    So you finally decided to post this here! ^^ I'm glad to see that the project has advanced so much already. It's obvious that you work mostly behind the scenes, but the few things that you keep showing us are really impressive. The engine is looking very smooth already.

    I suppose someone's going to ask this sooner or later, so I may as well do it myself: are you going to 'hire' somebody to do an English translation in the future? I would offer to help, but I suppose that a native English speaker would be better for the job and I haven't an inkling of C++.

    Congratulations, guys. If you release a stable version of this, it's going to be a historic achievement, as to speak :) Very nice. A whole program dedicated to Pokémon fangame creation! Most people work with pre-made interfaces and programs and only code an engine, so what you're doing is really huge.

    Good luck and keep it up!