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    Originally Posted by Requility View Post
    Less sexual stuff on the server, like honestly I've been talking to people and that in general is keeping people away from the server, and while they aren't in the forum anyway, if they're active enough on the server they can eventually move to the forum and so on. I just feel like it isn't really a welcoming environment and considering how everyone was acting when TJ arrived I have no clue how he managed to stay/why he's staying. Less crazy people really wouldn't. :( The server is also key to new regulars, people generally stay active in CBC and so on if they're on the server imo (with the exception of like Hikari10/PlatDude but otherwise this is true) and to be able to help the forum itself that stuff... idk it should be more welcoming. I've been trying to attract/convince every new user and about everyone I talk to, to actually come here and I feel like when I actually get them on the server, or they post here it should be more open/welcoming rather than "boobs bosh carbs shedinja". Like constantly it just isn't really that appealing.
    This right here is the main problem. The server is completely unwelcoming and a rather repulsive place to be. It's a boys' club that revels in nasty sexual jokes and insults. I want to become active in the battling community here, but instead I use Smogon because of the atmosphere. There is a general air of negativity around here, especially on the server. Things need to be done, people need to be talked to. Someone needs to tell them "Fix it, or leave for good." That's the only way you'll get my activity... just my two cents.