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    I'm still rather new here, so I don't know how much weight my opinion carries, if any. I think the main problem is the hostility in the server. Some users can be pretty inappropriate and negative, which is really uncomfortable for people just trying to have a good time and battle. Maybe it's just me, but sometimes I'd rather talk about Pokémon than breasts...

    I've modded chat rooms with people like that, so I can understand how frustrating it can be. It's a tough postition, because if you don't punish offenders, the situation will only get work, and of you do take action, you're an evil abuser of your power who doesn't even understand the situation. People who cannot see they are part of the problem are just poison to the server.

    As for the CBC itself, there are a lot of RMTs, but I like some of the metagame discussion threads more. Threads such as "What's your favorite type to use in NU?" and "Best abilities?" or even "Post the most gimmicky team possible!" would hopefully motivate people who are not too skilled at suggesting movesets and the like to post.