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    I recently finished my 243 PAL N64 games, done it quite quickly actually, and I sold my pokemon collection in first place to help me kick start with N64, but N64 was easy to actually buy bulks and sell off not needed for no loss, anyway.

    Starting afresh with Pokemon Cards, I've already bought the Fossil and Jungle complete set, mint condition for £55 on eBay, +£5 postage, which in total is about $90 for you US guys.

    But I don't know if I want to collect all cards, if you get me? I'm thinking of just collecting the cards I think look really cool, I'm also gonna collect every Pikachu card as hes my favourite Pokemon, along with Raichu, but am not doing the same for him, whats the best way to buy on eBay? Check completed listings for the card wanted and try get for cheaper? Or buy bulk and sell off unneeded?

    All collecting help fully appreciated, thanks.

    Also if some-one quite knowledgeable could maybe help me out time to time via skype, if I find what I thinks a good deal or so, and I could return the favour? Message me if interested.
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