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    Originally Posted by gerg13 View Post
    ok i kno u shouldnt patch a rom file more than once, but can i patch this to another hack that im playing like Light Platinum???
    Yes and no. My patch does not use any free space (yet). But it includes my unreleased font patch. So, in theory, it would work fine with hacks that have the font unchanged. But with hacks that have the font changed, such as Light Platinum, it would make the font look glitchy, but it shouldn't be hard to fix, as you would just go to the font offset in TileMolester and copy+paste from either my patch (which uses Emerald font) or a clean Ruby rom.

    also does this work for the other GBA games, Sapphire Emerald LG & FR???

    lastly; r u aware of any hacks currently, or planning on, using this???
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