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    Hack Name:
    Pokémon DarkCopper Version

    Hack of:

    I'm SSJ4 Furatman previously known as Furanki Pkmn Master, SSJ4 Cartman, and Cartman, you might know me as that guy who used to crap out a bunch of South Park hacks, that never got finished. I'm surprised most of those were even allow here. Anyways, this is a hack where, I'm trying to make it seem more like an actual Pokémon game. Taking things from GB, GBC, GBA, and DS Pokémon games and adding my own personal touch to it. I'm actually going to try to finish this one, in my spare time. Except in the Summer, and breaks, where I have a lot of time to work on this.

    4 years later from (GRBY/RSE/FRLG) and 1 from (GSC/DPP/HGSS), you start out as a trainer in Red Town, in the region of Ohsai. You get to choose your first Pokémon from Prof. Bark, take on your rival, get all the badges, etc. You also have to stop Team Death. Team Death is pretty much a cult, trying to awaken Darkrai to put everyone in the World to sleep, and steal everyone's Pokémon and they're not afraid to kill someone in the process, they also want to use Spiritomb to scare people that are afraid of Ghosts, same with Gastly, etc. They're very Dark and Ghost type based, but they have a Pokémon they're going after far more destructive than Darkrai or Spiritomb. It's the very epitome of evil, could be considered an evil parallel to Arceus.

    - New Gym Types: This game will be using type that aren't used all that often.
    - New Region: Ohsai.
    - New Pokémon: Some Fakémon, Some 4th and 5th Generation Pokémon.
    - Elite 4/Pokémon League is being replaced by a 10 or 11 floor building for battling.
    Each floor goes up by 10 levels (Ex. 1-9, 10-19, etc.)
    - All 6 Forms of Rotom.
    - You don't have to get the Pokédex, you can continue on with the game, however I recommend you still get it.
    - Brand New form for Deoxys.
    - Giratina only has its Origin Forme in this game.
    - Go to 3 regions (sort of): Ohsai, parts of Hoenn, and parts of Johto.
    - New TM's: Some will be changed.
    - Some New Items: A few have been changed.
    - The Mach Bike is now a "Hover Scooter", the Acro Bike is now a "Jetpack" I'm bringing in some science fiction.
    - Lv. 1 Starters: Riolu, Zoroa, and Houndour
    - New Hero/Heroine
    - New Rival: Your rival's female too.
    - Mild cussing: Most of it from your Rival and Team Death Leader.
    - New Regional Pokédex
    - New Evil Team/Bad Guys: Team Death
    - All 3rd Gen and other Legendaries catchable, plus whichever, Fakémon and 4th Generation legendaries I throw in.
    - Cameos of characters from Death Note.
    - Cameos of Pokémon characters, possibly from the Manga, but most game characters will make an appearance.
    - Return of Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic and possibly the new team from the 5th Generation games. Team Death and Galactic's confrontations may prove interesting.
    - Some existing may get type additions or changes. For example, it always seemed weird to me that Sceptile never got a second type. When, both Swampert and Blaziken did. Sceptile will now be Grass/Dragon, Charizard will become Dragon instead of Flying, etc.
    - A mix of Custom, HG/SS, and FR/LG tiles will be used. So, for example trees from all 3 will be used.
    - All 3 of Ohsai's starter Pokémon can be caught later in the game. So, unlike the official games, it's just a matter of... which one do I want first? I can still catch the other 2 and more of my starter later.
    - Due to HG/SS giving "Gold" a real name "Ethan", I'm giving Silver a real name, he's going to be called "Damion" in this, since that means "to kill", which in my opinion fits with "Silver's" personality.


    The 3 starters of Ohsai

    Riolu's Icon; showing that icons will be made for DP Pokémon, and Fakémon.

    What your first battle will look like, depending on which starter you choose.

    Your rival and an example of her manners...

    Examples of the first Gym Leader: Trey

    Parts of Yellow City

    Parts of Route 901

    I figured this would be a perfect drink for Pokémon.

    These are screens of Team Death, in what will be Mt. Shinigami. I still haven't gotten around to editing Mt. Moon. The way they dress, you can tell they're a weird cult.

    Darghosird (Name Origin: Dark + Ghost + Bird)

    The Male Hero's actual sprite.

    I know it's not that great looking, but I'm proud of it, it's the first half-decent looking Intro sprite that I've done on a FireRed Hack. Also, this is showing that I'm changing around some Palletes.

    Team Death Investigation HQ, plus an event.:

    Some humorous dialouge, this is also parodying myself; as I have had Type 1 Diabetes for almost 10 years. Plus, come on, with all the sweets he eats, who wouldn't expect him to get a disease from it.

    L's assistant, I guess.

    Meeting L. You get to battle him later on or maybe before in the game, not sure yet.

    L's serious about it, he wants you to keep this Giratina.

    The result of him giving you Giratina.

    Here's the new logo, hopefully it looks decent.

    Plus, I'm de-capitalizing most of the Menu text. Ex: Pokédex, Save, Option, etc. and entire game text.

    Examples of Pokédex text being worked on. Some entries are the actual ones. Others, are combinations of reals ones and others are ones I made up that I think may fit the Pokémon.

    He's got a Lv. 3 Umbreon, which is very tough for this point in the game (If you don't train enough).

    I know in the text he's referring to Giratina, but; I'm playing a Save State where I already got the Giratina from him.

    L's all about Justice, so I threw in this little saying.

    He's inside at that point.

    This part is in Yellow City, but where does it lead to? You'll need Surf to find out.

    The outside of Silver City's Gym.

    Part of Silver City, view of Pokémon Center.

    There isn't much to do here, so once you get Cut, you can come and capture this, this was programmed in before the L battle was. I wasn't sure where I was going to put, but now that I do know where I'm putting it, I'm revealing it.

    A few more parts of Silver Village.

    The end of Silver Village.

    Heading on to Shinigami Path, which of course leads to Mt. Shinigami.

    Some brand new sprites for Old Pokémon. Sceptile, Swampert will not be caught in the wild, that was for sprite revealing purposes only. However, the will be events in the game so you can get All previous starters.

    The Male Trainer's Backsprite has finally been put into the game.

    Thanks/Credits to littlebaier for the new L overworld.

    What's this building, it wasn't here before. That'll be revealed in-game.

    One of the houses.

    Your entrance/exit in/out of here.

    One of the other houses.

    More looking around.

    Finally start progress on the Heroine.

    The Badges are currently be edited, so far only first 3 have been.
    Same with the Gym Leaders.

    Pallete Changes, this means possible tile changes.

    The Hover Scooter, which used to be the Bike. I was serious in the first post.

    If you decline the offer.

    You obtaining the Scooter.

    Riding on the Hover Scooter.

    Item Description and picture.

    A little tidbit about Shinigami.

    New Custom scratch sprite for Ho-Oh and Lugia's Pallete has been re-done.

    This is what the titlescreen looks like right now.

    This is what I want it to look like. The DarkCopper "Logo" looks awkward to me and the Pokémon logo looks weird.

    Diamond Path, which is right before Silver Village.

    Entrance/Exit to Diamond Path in Silver Village.


    None, I restarted and got back to the point I was, so I've got the bugs corrected from before.

    Coolboyman: After playing Brown 2009, it gave me the will to try hacking again.
    littlebaier: New L overworld(s).
    Nintendo and Game Freak: For releasing and making the game this is being edited from (FireRed).
    Synyster_Zeikku: Help in general.

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    HTML Code:
    Made by: SSJ4 Furatman
    Hacks I'm currently working on (at a super slow pace):

    Chinpokomon Big/Small (would leave the titles, but apparently exceeded sig limit)

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