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Originally Posted by TéaQQ View Post
I used to have a nightly transition diary at one point, but I wound up having my rhythm disrupted so it's not so nightly anymore...

I just might keep an eye on this. Your situation is one that is completely different than mine pre-transition (I'm very early HRT now) but I wish all the luck to ya. I kinda need to make more trans friends though, largely in my local area...
Thanks very much :) I'm planning on updating every week or so, my therapist might have info for me this Friday so I'm pretty excited for that.

But yeah, my situation is unique to say the least. It kinda sucks right now, and my relationship blowing up didnt help at all, but at least I'm making a little progress irl, and I'm convinced the future will be brighter for me.

I also need to make more trans friends, ones who can understand, help and guide me.
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